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tactic tt600 tx 6ch


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selling my tactic tx that came with my fw190 from flyzone. Details are as follows:

6ch 2.4g tx non programable
High and low rate switch
Dial flap control
Switch for gear or ch-5 control
Trainer switch for binding no trainer ports that i saw
Mode 2
Ch reversing on face of tx
Can install rechargeable AAs for wall charging
Gimbals are ok not super tight with sleight play but the tx flies well
Used for two flights while on leave and for model prep and matinance
Like brand new with sleight scratches on feet from setting on the ground while setting up my plane

This tx would make a great first 6ch tx for low cost or even a spare tx for a friend to fly or backup system for your tx. I can ship the rx that goes with it for free to buyer or for $10 to interested parties but seperate as its packed with the plane for shipping (forgot to take it out lol) but should work with any tactic rx. I do not have any papers to go with it but it should be available online or thru tactics product support or flyzone. Any questions reply or pm. Will ship but you pay shipping to wherever you want it or pickup if your in pennsylvania and willing to travel to the williamsport area. Tx is with my father there. Asking $40 OBO or trade for whatever. If trade ill pick up shipping since your shipping too.

Foam Addict

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Little add on. The trainer is wireless, you need two tactic remotes to use it, No other system can bind to the trainer that I know of.
My apologies Pilot 294, just wanted to add that.


I'll give ya $50 for the Focke Wolfe and you can keep the Tactic. ;)

Wings are laid out for the, um, wing. I had a weird vision driving home today. Its better than the step-forward wing. Don't know if it'll make it to fruition, though.