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Tactic TTX850

OutaTime FPV

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Hey everyone,
Does anybody happen to own a Tactic TTX850? If so, how do you like it? If you don't, what do you think about it?


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Don't have one. Seems to be a decent radio. People that have Tactics generally seem to like them from comments I have come across but I haven't searched around. There is some advantage of getting something you can probably get help with at the Local Hobby Shop.

It has an ok set of features - in particular 8 channels and two side sliders - so if you fly planes with flaps or air brakes it's probably a good setup. Six programmable mixes is reasonable. Has a decent set of switches.

The big thing it's missing is telemetry and voice alerts - at least as far as can tell. These are important features that are available in this price range. They work together so you really want both.

Some similarly priced competitors that have telemetry and voice alerts are...
FrSky Taranis Plus - has everything
Spektrum DX6 only 6 channel, no side sliders
Graupner MZ12 6 channels with 2 "extra" but no side sliders
I had a ttx650 and it was a great radio. Very nice feel in the hands and very easy to setup. Never had any range issues. What sold me on the taranis x9d plus was the telemtry and the voice alerts. Sliders and knobs are also a plus on the taranis.


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I have a 650 too. It's a nice little radio and the receivers are inexpensive ($20). I agree that I wish it had telemetry and PPM.