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My son and I achieved one of our big RC milestones today, 4 months after we got our first plane, we both flew circuits together with an aircraft each. We couldn’t have managed this without the inspiration from FT and the support and solid advice from ALL the forum community.
It was even a sunny evening, with a fabulous sunset, light wind and my son said it was the best flight session we have had. All that was missing was the rest of the family and the bbq or pizza oven! It’s winter so I guess you can’t have everything.
Thanks to all those who helped get the journey this far, next we need to both be flying our FT planes.


That is awesome! How old is your son? Mine is 5 and I've set up with a TX on a flight sim.....counting the days until he can fly with me, but right now its alot of crashing in the sim, so its gonna be a while!
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This, in my opinion, is what we're all here for - to help everyone else who's learning get in the air and enjoy themselves. :)

As for that BBQ/pizza oven, know that it's coming, and he's gonna hit you up for food and flying in the next couple of months. :)
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I want to second this!!!! My 10 yr old has been flying for about 6 months now and I finally took my first two flights a couple weeks ago! I am looking forward to being able to fly together, but for now he wants to video "dad's crashes" instead of flying with me! We've built 9 FT planes and he is now building one of his own design! Thank you FT Guys for providing a clean YouTube channel where he can watch, listen and be inspired to stretch his imagination!

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I am with you all. If it was not for the Flite Test boys my, 20 yr old sons and I would not making time on our busy schedules to fly. Sadly, we have not all flown at the same time. But we will. Perhaps at our third FF Ohio later this year. We live about 90 minutes from Malvern now arrange time for that great weekend.


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Glad to hear other people have been getting th same joy from it! It’s bacon butties on the beach this Sunday, so no work for the pizza oven.
My son is 15, he’s been 3d printing a few bits for us too, plus making his own planes. He is planning a 5” quad next.