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Pumpkin drop event

The FT Community picked a wing for my next plane. Here is what I ordered:


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Hey folks, I haven't forgotten about you. I am still waiting for my damn employee to bring by his soldering iron. I feel stupid buying one when I already own one, you know?


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Hey folks, I haven't forgotten about you. I am still waiting for my damn employee to bring by his soldering iron. I feel stupid buying one when I already own one, you know?
Soldering irons are like guns. One is NEVER enough. I have 2 Antex Precision with many different tips, One Weller Micro, Several Uber cheapies, A couple of OLD temp controlled stations and one hot air / precision temp controlled rework station.

I typically use the Antex precisions and the hot air rework station for nearly everything though.



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Well, after killing my AXN this weekend, I entertained the thought of buying a new plane. Then it dawned on me that I have two sitting on my table, waiting to be built.
So, that is what I worked on this Sunday. I started out the day by working on the e-hawk 1500. It is beautiful, but since it is discontinued, I am afraid to fly it. Luckily, it isn't very tempting because I've managed to misplace the spinner that came with it. I've got another on the way, so I should be able to maiden that soonish. Still, scary.
Then, I started working on Bob the Titan. It took me a while to get comfortable with the idea of melting so much foam away, but it's pretty fun. I managed to get it all glued and ready to go yesterday, and my wife has offered to help me pick out a color scheme... That should prove interesting. I also tested the servos and ESC's for both planes. It was a productive day!


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I posted a thread about it in the sport/beginner forum. It killed itself in a canibalistic 'asplosion.
Taped up the titan tonight. I honestly thought the rhetoric on their web page would be crap, but it is true. You tape this flimsy foam wing, and it is solid. It makes a thump when I set it down on my glass table.


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I feel like I should finish building it before I attempt to fly it. I am hoping to finish the build this week, and weather permitting, fly it this weekend.

Foam Addict

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Mine did too on its first flight. It has had a nose transplant and a brushed (yes you read that right.) Conversion to a motor glider.
It's always flying, because it is too hideous to be seen at close range.


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Crap. The mailman just delivered my box of FliteTest planes. Now I have FIVE to build. :D (Don't worry, Bob is being finished first. The iron arrives tomorrow.)


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So, I've lied a tiny bit. I built the FT Delta first. In my defense, it was very, very quick. I used the internals from my AXN, which is now quite thoroughly dead. Yes, I've used my son's crayons to "paint" it.
photo 7.JPG
I was very nervous with applying the laminate for this plane. I am just not very experienced with building r/c planes. I second guess myself a lot. I needn't have been worried. It was very easy.
photo 6.JPG
Yes, I used a clothes iron. It worked quite well. I found that as I ironed, it all tightened up nicely.
photo 5.JPG
Yeah, I kinda freaked out with servo location. Eventually, I bit the bullet, and cut out the slot.
photo 1.JPG
I've worked the servo leads under the fibreglass spars. I am hoping to mount the battery battery where I have the reciever.
photo 3.JPG

I had to buy some new drill bits, and clevises.I think I will be able to get the motor mounted this weekend. After that, it is just adjusting for CG, possibly mounting my gyro (KK 2.0),and maidening her.


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I am back!

So, I may have taken a few years off to work on my PPL, and buy a house, and have a baby. Those last two sorta killed the first one, which means I need to find another way to get back into the air. Fortunately, all of my stuff made the move with me, so I have some things I can screw around with in my garage. I think I will spend this evening going back over what I have, and what I need.

This is all a long way of saying "This project is getting restarted."