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The rotors (tops) keep coming off of my motors

I have a racing quad with br2205 2300kv motors. It's happened to two of the motors now, the circlips I think they're called that hold the top part of the motor on have came off in a crash or hard landing and in later flights the rotors come off when I hit the ground because that piece is missing. I noticed that there are some components that are a part of the bearing setup fall out too. Can I get more of these parts somewhere and is there some way I can stop this from happening? Any advice is much appreciated. -Colton


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More then likely you could find replacement "C" or "E" clips at your local hardware store or automotive store. There are special pliers used to properly install or remove them but jewelers screw drivers and needle nose pliers work as well with a little practice. there are also kits on line like on Amazon you can get as well.


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Honestly, at ~$8 a motor, it may be more cost effective to just buy replacement Racerstar BR2205s (that's what you have, correct?). If your bearings fell out, I doubt yoy will find replacements for that motor. Low durability is one of the downsides to inexpensive motors. I'm not suggesting you need to go out and buy $25 motors, but there are better options in the sub-$20 range like the Emax red bottoms and Returner R3 styles.
PsyBorg, I actually have ordered some of the clips off of banggood, but I was just wondering about the other parts that came out of the bearing area. Thank you though. French, I did consider that, but I'm not sure how often this is going to happen and I just wanted to make sure that there wasn't a cheaper way to fix them. So I think I will just buy some replacement motors. Thanks for your help.


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Well if you really want to ensure this is not a repeatable thing I would highly suggest you stop buying from banggood.. The name says it all..