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The Wind Gods Of The Florida Pan Handle.

first my story as im new to this and want to introduce myself but skip to the 2nd paragraph if you wanna hear about my failed flight.

So i literally just took up this hobby a few weeks ago. It all started when i saw a video of FPV quadrocopter racing and being completely awestruck by just how cool it looked. iv had rc planes and helicopters in the past and loved playing with them (air hogs and this one tiny helicopter that looked like an abachi long bow and was Really nimble indoors) but this was just taking it to the next level and looked like the most freeing experience a guy like me could have. like having a flying dream but any time i wanted. so ive been researching this whole thing non stop from were to start and terminology to building a parts list for my first build (electrohub and cheep parts to make a very basic spider quad)

But i needed to start some were. with something small and inexpensive to get the hang of controlling a quad seeing as how that's what i most want to fly. ill probably end up expanding to planes but for now i want quads. After doing my research i found people unanimously agreed the hubsan X4 was the best place to start. and with a $50 price tag and nifty little camera i agreed and bought one. 2 days later i was smashing it about my room having a awesome time recording my dumb face as i concentrated of keeping her stable in one spot.

after about 3 days of this i felt confident to take it outside and give it a little spin around the place. Thats about the time i got a moderately bad idea. "i wonder how high up i can go!" so I threw it on the charger and 2 hours later was outside to find out how high up i could see in the name of science. It all started out good, light breeze, sun shining, open field, literally didn't think anything could go wrong seeing as how id flown it about half as high as i was going to before and was able to control the descent perfectly fine. So i set it down and took off. i climbed steadily and slowly toward the heavens, and let me tell you it was well up there, probably got an awesome view of the town and then i said to my self okay time to bring her down and see what i got. THE SECOND I LET OFF THE THROTTLE TO DESCENT THE WINDS OF ETERNAL RAGE BEGAN TO TEAR ACROSS THE FIELD WITH THE FORCE OF 100 ANGRY JETS. And my tiny little quad was gone. I guess the X4 has this feature were when it gets out of range it keeps a little throttle to keep it form smashing into the ground and because of that rather than just falling like a brick it turned into a mini glider and just slowly fell as the wind carried it further and further away till it was in the woods and out of sight. I walked the direction it flew and searched for about 4 hours in vain. then the rains started to come and i was forced to abandon the little guy out there wherever it ended up.

So long story short don't try to see how high up a Hubsan X4 will go because the wind gods will punish you for you curiosity and take your little toy to the heavens and you will never see it again.