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This might be crazy enough to fly!

Any ideas on this concept?

So you know how jets usually have the engine in the back and some canards in the front, well what if you replaced the canards with the engines (I swear I'm not drunk!). Essentially the concept was for a twin edf aircraft to have its motors rotate on an axis for improved STOL and aerobatic characteristics. I thought about thrust vectoring, but that was too complicated to work. It hit me that you could replace the canards with rotating engines to act as a pitch axis and still use elavons for regular flight. This is going to be a high wing so the faster air can go under the wing and blow over it. I created a digital sketch from my notebooks. Screenshot (8).png due to the engines being in the front, I'm guessing my battery will have to be in the rear to balance out the cg. Thank you in advance.
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Apart from any CofG issues (which could be quite severe) it is actually better for the EDFs to blow over the wing rather than under it. In a conventional wing in flight the air is travelling faster over the top surface than the lower.


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Imagine the possibilities of individual pivot control of each power pod and configuring them like elevons... That would be thrust vectoring, and be blowing across the wing. So we move the battery back all the way where the EDF weight would have been... VSTOL....

Just thinking out loud and liking the ideas and possibilities of this design. :)



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I'm definitely subscribing to this thread for sure. I think this will either be a huge success or an awesome failure, but either way I'm excited for the result.