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Tiny Trainer Scratch Build Ready for Maiden (pre crash photos)


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My second Tiny Trainer is ready to maiden! My first one is still in great shape. Just built this one mostly because they are just fun to build.

Super hot outside and a little windy, so decided to post some photos right now instead of fly. Maiden this evening!!:)

In one of the photos you can see my only mods. Popcicle stick across the center section for a little more rigidity of the wing and servos mounted near the tail for balance purposes.



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How long of a flight time did you get with that battery?

Great looking plane by the way, what did you cover the plane with?


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Flight time varies a lot depending on how hard I push it. I tend to go high and glide a lot. I've had Tiny Trainer flights last 30 minutes. Pushing this one pretty hard I probably get on average about 12 minutes.

Most of this airplane is simply covered in packing tape. The wing and tail are bare Dollar Tree Foam Board just trimmed in a little black packing tape. Keeping it simple!

Just looking at my photos again, I see how the popsicle stick....well looks like a popsicle stick. In reality, the stick really doesn't show much. (I painted it white to match) It DOES make a big difference in the durability of the wing. I've nearly folded the wing on my old airplane a few times. I can really tell the difference in flight with the stiffer popsicle stick version.
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Wow, 12 mins, that's awesome! Before I got the low voltage alarm I was flying until the engine cut off... I got the low voltage alarm to help ensure hat I don't ruin the battery. But now I'm only averaging 5-6min flights and it depends on what you said, how hard I push it. I was able to squeak out an 11min flight once... But you also have the 800mAh battery correct? I'm using the 460mAh.
Looks good. I am waiting on the electronics for mine. Looking forward to getting mine ready for flight. I have been flying the FT Flyer and it's not holding up to well. The TT looks like it might be a bit more durable.
Your popsicle stick on the wing, do you score it so it too has the dihedral in it and fill the score with wood glue or just hot glue ?

After 20 or so flights mine is really flexing in the middle now so need to make that repair.


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Judging from the pictures, it's scored or bent in the middle. Preferably bent. I don't really like to sever the fibers in the stick.

A good method for accomplishing this is to boil, then soak the Popsicle sticks in water overnight. Then you can make a jig out of a wood scrap and a few finishing nails which you use to hold a bend in the wet flexible stick until it dries.

Optionally, the finished wing support would be hot glue laminated with a second identical one for far greater rigidity.