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tiny whoop build, need parts

I am a 12 year old kid who would like to get started with fpv.I have experience building RC vehicle because me and my friend built peter sripol's 3d printed hovercraft.I was told by that the best way to start learning how to fly acro mode and fpv is with a tiny whoop.I am starting with a tiny whoop because it is winter where I live and i don't want to go out side and fly in nasty weather.I have enough money to buy a taranis qx7. I already have a charger for the batteries but a multi charging board would be helpful.The things that i would need to get into the air would be

Fpv goggles

Tiny whoop frame

Tiny whoop motors

A tiny whoop FC with a frsky receiver in it.

Some props

battery and plug for the battery

A camera vtx combo
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