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Hey everyone, I'm having problems with some tiny whoop cameras. At least I'm assuming its the cameras. Flight times are down to about 20 seconds on a fully charged battery no matter what I do, the whoop just decides its done. I have tested all kinds of batteries, new and old, I've tried many things to fix it. I think it has to do with the AIO camera. The whoop flies fine with the camera on just not soldered, and the camera gets really hot after about a minute of being plugged in. The confusing thing is I'm experiencing this issue with 5 different cameras, and I have tried them on over 5 different whoops(some with brand new boards). One camera is brand new, never been used, and when I solder to a brand new Eachine e013 board it gets too hot to touch after about a minute.

I have no idea whats happening here. I have used these same whoops and cameras before and they have lasted months with no problem. What would cause these cameras to overheat like this? I've tried everything I can think of to fix this problem, but can't figure it out.


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My guess is the LVC is cutting in I had the same problem thought most of my batteries were getting bad. I found this video on how to by pass the LVC first part is just him talking and flying then he gets into how to do the mod best pictures I could find. If you do this mod be sure to use a timer.


Edited to add.....Had to dig thru the garbage because I though my batteries were bad and they were not.
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There is another LVC mod that lowers LVC voltage to 3.6V with the addition of a resistor so you don't have to worry about damaging batteries with no LVC. A Google search should turn that up. However, I would guess the Molex 1.25 connector on the battery pigtail is getting worn out and/or oxidized. All AIO cameras get hot, especially when not moving. I think your problem is the connector, not the camera(s). :)


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I did a little testing I ignored the timer when voltage gets to 3.4 volts the Whoop will just not fly not ideal but never puffs the battery. I still need to check how that is changing IR. I will have to start with a couple of new batteries as most of mine have at least 50-60 charge cycles on them.