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TIny Whoop Issue

I recently bought a DSMX Beebrain for my tiny whoop. I tried to connect it to beta flight but have had no luck connecting it. I have tried 7 different micro USB cords and don't know what to do. Please help!


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Hopefully someone in the forum here will have some information to help you with this.

While we give the forum members time would you be so kinds as to introduce yourself.

Welcome to the forum.
i'm 16 and i'm from Los Angeles. I got into drones about a year ago but was just recently able to actually start a build. I got into drones because I was a a restaurant and met a guy who had one with him. He let me fly it and I instantly fell in love. I thought it would be a good ideal to start with a tiny whoop, as they're relatively cheap compared to bigger quads.
Thanks for the help man! It took me a couple of tries but To get all the switches configured but I managed to figure it out. The problem was not having the right driver downloaded. Again thanks man, I really appreciate it!