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Today's "Why Not?" project


Old age member
I'll fire her up, then! I'm going to stick with the Webra. Now I just have to get over my fear of that scary prop!
ALWAYS - sand the prop edges smooth before balancing the prop - it will not hurt you unless you put your hand in it from the wrong direction when running at high rev. Getting to the prop from the back side when adjusting is only scary as the prop is pushing you finger away. If it "bites" when flipping it is not dangerous - only telling you one of two things.
- It has to much fuel - I will normally pull the prop one turn with the prop in my hand before giving it the start flip.
- You are to slow to get your finger away - the prop is not mounted at the right angle for your flipping.

Or use a short piece of garden pipe to do the contact when flipping - chicken!

I am normally using an anti corrosion spray 5-56 or whatever number your favorite brand has to conserve the engine.


HA HA! Well, I'll stick with my wife because, for all her craziness, she does keep things in line. And, if you were to trade your wife for me, I would be of no use in keeping things tidy. LOL!
I won't correct my bad grammar because I don't want to kill your joy of being flattered =). But all trading aside - if someone has messy habits (s)he should also stand to live in a mess.