Top Flite Gold Edition 1/8 scale Corsair Build


Happy October All, I took the summer off as I wanted to fly planes, I also bought a Flightline 1600 F4U-1D Corsair last month at a swap shop. Now I can practice flying Corsair's out at the field. I have been working on installing the sliding canopy onto my Top Flite Gold Edition 60 Size Corsair. I have run into a few issues with getting it mounted in the plane the way that I wanted it. The main issues I have had is the the fuse tapers down 1/2 inch from just behind the cockpit to where the linear servo stops to open the canopy fully. The issues is that my setup is too wide when going toward the back of the plane. I have slotted my push bar setup and hopefully that will fix the issue of binding against the side of the fuse. I have also decide to make a skeleton frame for the front half of the canopy. That way I can attach what ever to it for scale sake. 20201027_075241.jpg 20200903_215901.jpg 20200904_151435.jpg 20201012_164731.jpg 20201013_134923.jpg 20201013_134930.jpg 20201013_134936.jpg 20201013_202219.jpg 20201015_095316.jpg 20201019_210051.jpg 20201022_212904.jpg 20201022_212911.jpg 20201026_204658.jpg 20201026_204707.jpg 20201026_204813.jpg 20201026_205033.jpg 20201026_205057.jpg 20201027_075241.jpg


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That's looking awesome! Where did you get that larger sized linear servo? (It's large in comparison to the UMX ones at least :) )


rockyboy, I got the larger linear servo from the It has a 140 mm throw. If you need the part numbers I can get them for you after work. Another place to the linear servo's at is


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rockyboy, I got the larger linear servo from the It has a 140 mm throw. If you need the part numbers I can get them for you after work. Another place to the linear servo's at is

Thanks! No need for the part number - I'll go dig around those sites looking for something with a little smaller throw :)


Well this might be my last post for a while, as I am having left wrist surgery on December 15th at 9:15 EDT. Anyway I have gotten the sliding canopy working on my Corsair. It has taken a long 8 months to get this thing right. It was worth it. I made a new rear frame and it was easier to build and fit to the clear canopy. I have also built a front frame that I will be fitting in the next few days.

Here is the link to the YouTube video: Final Corsair Sliding Canopy


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I just came across this thread and I wanted to say I have enjoyed reading and seeing your progress. Hope your surgery went well and you can resume where you left off. I recently picked up a TF 60 Corsair that was built as a static display and I was going to go through it and make it flyable so I wanted to ask if you still have the plans for yours and if you would be able to make copies for me? I would pay you for them if you are able to do that. I really need to see how the flaps are put together and the retract placement as the one I have has no flaps or gear installed. Thanks