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Transmitter and receiver ?

Pardon my ignorance, I'm new to the hobby, and learning as I go. :black_eyed:

I tried to search and found nothing.

Can any receiver bind to any transmitter, or are they brand specific?

My dad and I are new to the hobby, we both have entry level airplanes, but I have ordered 2 spitfire kits as well as 2 power packs from lazertoys.

I have a tactic tx600 and he has a spektrum dx5e. Can he bind to a tactic receiver is my main question, or should I order him a spektrum receiver?

Thanks for the assistance! Looking forward to growing in this awesome hobby.


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They are NOT compatible.
Spektrum needs DSM2 or DSMX receivers - there are a few brands to choose from.
I do not know if there are any other brands compatible with Tactic.


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Hey fishingMEDIC, welcome to the forums and the hobby (and to your dad too)
most brands of transmitters have their own protocol so a spektrum will bind to a spektrum reciever and so on. you will hear things like DSM2 or DSMX both are the types that spektrum use, if you had an orange radio from hobbyking it uses the same protocol so you can bind a spektrum reciever to an orange transmitter and vise versa.
I'm however not sure what type the tactic uses, so i'm not sure if you can bind between those two brands. you could always give it a try ;)


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I believe Tactic uses SLT which is not compatible with DCM2/DCMX. The benefit of a Tactic radio is that it binds to a variety of model planes that support Tx-R™ (transmitter ready). If you do want to use only Tactic receivers, you could get an Anylink adapter for your Dad's transmitter. Here is a link to the Tactic web site referencing the Anylink adapter.

Hope this helps.
Thanks guys! Exactly what I wanted to know! :)

I did look at the anylink for my dad's Tx, I may go with that, but I'd have to order the adapter for his Tx.


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The TTX600 and the DX5e are both good basic transmitters and are often included with RTF (ready to fly) planes. Is that how you acquired them?

Before dropping another $50 (anylink + power adapter) on a transmitter you may outgrow shortly, perhaps it would be better to upgrade one or the other transmitters so that you are both on the same Tx/Rx protocol.

You currently have two systems SLT and DSM2/DCMX. So you have two ways of doing this:

Tactic SLT
If you like the Tactic SLT, you might consider purchasing the next model up. The TTX650 is around $150 and is programmable. One of you use the TTX650 and the other the TTX600 until such time as you feel the need to upgrade that as well.

If your dad is satisfied with his DX5e, you can upgrade to a programmable transmitter that is compatible. There are a few ways to accomplish this. One is to buy another Spectrum DX6i (about $140). A second way to go would be to buy a Turnigy 9x without transmitter module, and then buy an Orange Rx DSM2/DSMX transmitter module. The Turnigy 9x has 9 channels vs the 6 channel DX6i, and is firmware upgradable (with a little modification). The 9x and Orange Rx module combination should cost around $100. With module support, you can get other modules to allow yourself with fly with other protocols, including long range protocols.

Of course the radio that everyone is trying to get hold of these days is the FrSky Taranis for around $200, but they're quite scarce right now. But it would do just as well as the Turnigy 9x. It comes with the FrSky transmitter built-in, but it also supports transmitter modules.

I hope I haven't thrown too much information at you at once. I tend to be frugal myself and hate to spend money on short lived tech.


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Is it possible to take a receiver out of a bind and fly plane and put your own receiver in it that it compatible with your transmitter?


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Is it possible to take a receiver out of a bind and fly plane and put your own receiver in it that it compatible with your transmitter?
Depends. In some bnf planes the receiver is integrated with esc, and even the servos in some micro-planes. In that case it would be hard, or even impossible. In others it might be a separate RX, which then can be replaced.