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Transmitter suggestions for the new Quantum Cyclops FPV Goggles?


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Greetings Fellow RC enthusiasts,

Been flying small quadcopters for a couple of years and got interested in FPV especially seeing the price of the new Quantum Cyclops FPV Goggle set but have no idea what to use as a transmitter.

I currently fly the Syma X5C-1 and the UDI U818A-1: I looked for them here in connection to FPV but found no joy.

Thanks for any consideration,

Bob C.


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I use one of these with mine without any issues


if you look for the TS832s then you also get 40 channels, the one I use is 32.

Power output is something to look at though as 600mw is not legal everywhere although I doubt it is unforced until you get pulled for doing something else you shouldn't have been doing :cool:

I would recommend changing the supplied Antenna's with the AOMWAY antenna's, just double check which connector type you need, my setup needed one of each (Red & Blue) The Cyclops takes the blue one and the TX listed above needs the Red one, so check you eventual choice of TX .
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There are two common connectors used in FPV gear RP-SMA & SMA, with AOMWAY producs the RP-SMA antennas are red and their SMA antennas are blue, but thats only for Aomway many make no visible differentiation

The Cylops take SMA the TX I listed is RP-SMA
I don't think these will work very well with your quads. They only have tiny 3.7v batteries which can only provide a max of 4.2 volts when fully charged, and that transmitter has a power input of 7.4-16v.

Also, you would need an FPV camera, and these quads really aren't mean for carrying anything else, as they already have a lot of weight on the tiny brushed motors but if you really want to I would recommend this which is a camera and a TX in a tiny package:

Looking at the Frequency charts, it looks like they have compatible frequencies but someone else should confirm that.