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Tricopter V3 Tail Rotor Lifting


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I got the Tricopter V3 kit, From David Windestål a while ago. Been troubling shooting but just can’t win with this one. The tail rotor lifts faster than the other two rotors. I have checked center of gravity. Does this in both normal take off and auto level.I have set all settings to the recommended settings for the build type.

Stick Scaling Roll And Pitch Gains Rudder Gains
A:30 P Gain: 26 P Gain: 26
E:30 P Limit: 100 P Limit: 100
R:30 I Gain: 14 I Gain: 14
T: 90 I Limit: 20 I Limit: 20

It is probably something simple i am missing. Help Please?



Rogue Drone Pilot
By the terminology I'm assuming you are running a KK2 flight controller?

Center all of your trims then power on the tricopter and place it on a level surface. Then go to ACC calibration and perform the calibration for the accelerometer.

If that doesn't solve you issue try calibrating your ESCs.

1.Remove your props
2.Double check that your props are removed
3.power on your radio and put throttle to full
4.triple check your props have been removed
5.hold button #1 and #4 down for the next 2 steps
6.power on the multi-rotor and after a few seconds you should hear the ESCs record full position with a beep
7.lower the throttle and wait about 5 seconds
8.release the buttons, your ESCs should be calibrated

Check back with us and let us know if the issue was resolved or not.


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Hi Razor,

Yes. Sorry for not mentioning that part. KK2 Mini Flight Controller. I guess you mean the buttons on the FC?

I will attempt it tonight when I get home.

Thanks in Advance


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Hi Razor,

So i did as you instructed and it has worked. The tail rotor is no longer lifting faster than the rest. One bug down. a few more to go. Thank you again for your assistance.


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Hey Razor,

So the next thing i am failing to resolve is the servo positioning. On startup, it sits vertically and the motor spools up. If i then tilt the servo left or right, it does not return to it's "home" position. Should i put the FC into "Safe" mode. then the servo goes back to it's "home position. I am using a digital servo, the TGY-211DMH. I have set the resolution to 50 on my KK2.

Any idea's as to why it doesn't move back? I will post a video later.

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