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Troublesome Red Brick 50A ESC

Hi everyone,

I recently purchased a Red Brick 50A ESC (Heli Mode) but it acts very strange. At first you increase the throttle there is no power, even at full throttle. I programmed the ESC for hard acceleration, but no improvement.

The other big problem is that the ESC re-initializes after I applied throttle, see the video I made below, and note what happens at the end after I kill the throttle.

Any advice please. I went through the whole programming sequence (The instructions that came with the ESC is wrong, you can use this manual as it matches the beeps) and it still does the same.



After 41 Views and 0 replies I guess there is no solution to this problem :)

Josh x 2, or Chad if you guys are maybe reading this, any ideas why my ESC will "Restart" every time I kill the throttle?

Thanks for a great forum.


More combat please...

I found the problem.mit was afaulty ESC, I swapped out the ESC and all is working now.

Can anyone tell me if the red brick 50A ESC programable, because as soon as you try to enter a option by pulling back the throttle the ESC just initializes
I think you already found your answer... The ESC is most likely bad. I don't think there is a programming function that would replicate your issue.
I think you might be right, not only does it reset after full throttle it also struggles to get power to the motor, and start-up is very unreliable, so I think this ESC might end up in File 13.

Thanks for the comments guys, happy flying.