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Turnigy 9x Questions


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I think I'm going to get the Turnigy i6. It has everything I need and a little bit of telemetry. Thanks Everyone!
The supplied iA6 only provides RX battery telemetry. There is a mod that lets you get the main battery voltage instead. Haven't done it. Just FYI.

The iA6B provides RX battery telemetry and supports the C series telemetry sensors. Really on the the voltage sensor is useful since you can get main battery voltage with that. I doubt will care about temperature and RPM unless you have gas planes. The iA6B also supports PPM output which is good for reducing the wiring with multi-rotors.

You can only set a warning on the RX battery voltage which is a bit stupid but hey. Not sure doing the mod on the iA6 helps here because the warning range is limited.

The only problem I have come across with these radios apart from out of date firmware is that two people have reported broken gimbal springs. They did not ask FrySky for replacements so I can't tell how easy it is to get them. Replacement springs are not readily available elsewhere. I checked because I want to make the gimbals both self centering for robot use. It seems possible to make the springs from music wire which I may look into.

There are three optional cables...
They are hard to find on the HK site and people often seem confused over which is which so just letting you know where they are.

the data cable for firmware updates. You may not need this immediately but the last two I bought had slightly old firmware with the model name bug so I recommend getting one. If you have an aduino you can use that instead but you would need to research it. I haven't tried updating yet.
the simulator cable I discussed above.
the trainer cable which you won't need unless you have a friend with an i6.

If you get a FlySky i6 it may come with a data cable depending where you get it You can get a Flysky i6 with an iA6B as a package from Banggood. Seems the data cable is not included. Banggood has the other cables too. I have not ordered from Banggood. Just FYI.
Ok. So what everyone is saying is:

You can't do telemetry on a 9X without modifications and different modules.

You can do telemetry on an i6 with a different reciever?

I'm a complete starter, so a lot of the stuff people are saying dosen't make sense to me.

Also what is RX battery? Does the recieiver use its own battery?

This is all pretty confusing for me, so I'm going to ask another question.

Are there any other telemetry ready radios that are less than $100? I would like a warning in the main battery voltage
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Actually, scratch my previous post. I don't need a warning. I am going to get an i6 with the telemetry receiver. Still, what is the RX battery?

However, does anyone know any other good telemetry computer radios under $100? (A bit over that is fine)


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RX battery is the Receiver voltage on your plane. It can come from a battery or more usually these days from a BEC (Battery Eliminator Circuit) that is usually built into the ESC (Electronic Speed Controller aka motor controller) but can be a separate module.

A BEC is essentially a voltage regulator that converts the main battery voltage to 5v or 6v in order to power your receiver and servos.

Telemetry for under $100 is pretty new. The i6 is the only one I know for sure but technically I think the Graupner MZ-10 does also. It is only technically under $100 and I think you need to add another bit to it to get telemetry putting it well over $100. I haven't looked into it so I don't know. I'm not aware of any others but there may be something else out there.


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Does this battery ever need to be charged? Is it even a battery, or just a circuit? Also, what would its voltage tell you?
An RX (Receiver) battery is a battery and needs to be replaced or recharged. A BEC is a circuit that replaces that battery and takes power from the main battery to create a 5v or 6v source.

RX batteries are typically used for gas planes whereas BECs are typically used for electric planes. The i6 telemetry feature was mostly designed for use with gas planes. It it much less useful than it could be for electric planes. Why I said you probably only want the voltage probe for the i6.


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Its not absolutely useless, just not very useful. It does tell you, you have a connection with the RX and that it is seeing a good voltage which is reassuring. It will not typically go down with the main battery because the main battery will always be above the RX voltage and the BEC will maintain the 5v or 6v right up until the main battery is completely dead.

That's why someone figured out the mod on the iA6 and why you need the voltage probe for the iA6B. With those, the telemetry can report the main battery voltage on the transmitter screen. You can only get an audible warning for the RX battery level which is too bad.

However an on-model alarm like this is probably better. And a timer on your phone is useful for keeping track. Unfortunately the i6 does not have a built in timer which is a bit shabby but everyone has a phone with a timer these days or you can get a cheap stick-on one, so its not really that big a deal.
I have the turnigy 9x and after about 1 month the display giving me problems, if you are really serious about rc flying, dont buy this radio, you will be upgrading to a one very soon. Having said that, for the price it is a good first radio, as long as it works
Ok Thanks! I will probably one soon, along with the cables, receiver and sensors. I didn't understand anything in the mod you suggested, but if I were to do that would that mean I could get a warning for the main battery?

I'm looking on the sites you suggested for the i6. If they are not there do you know any other stores?

EDIT: I didn't find them.


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If you don't understand the mod don't do it. I don't know if you get the warning. I haven't tried it myself.

There may be some retail stores that sell FlySky. Mostly seems be online though.

Order from some one reputable in case you need to return it. People complain but HK and Banggood seem quite good for DOA returns. It's a cheap TX and quality is going to be variable so be prepared for that. Generally it seems quite good but theres always a chance you will get a bad one. Test it as thoroughly as you can as soon as you get it. Looks like you have some RC stuff so you should be able to test it with that assuming the RX is separate. If not you might want to get some servos to test with. You can use 4 AA batteries in series to power the RX and servos if you don't have anything else. You can also test it somewhat with the sim like picaSim if you get a sim cable. Do some research so you know what you are doing.

watch this to get the basics if you haven't already
http://www.flitetest.com/articles#/textSearch=Series: beginner series
Nevermind, amazon.ca stocks them, and it even comes with the IA6B! Thanks for all of the great help.
This is probably a really dumb question, but the ones amazon sells are the FlySky brand. Would they still work with those cables, or any of the turnigy telemetry sensors?
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Actually, it says it comes with an iB6? What does that mean? Here is the link if you want to check it out:


EDIT: Nevermind, I think it's a typo.
Looks like it comes with a iA6 and an iA6B and free shipping so seems like a pretty good deal for $80 CAD

The cables I linked should work work with either. The Turnigy i6 is made by FlySky and the only difference as far as I know is that the Turnigy is flashed with a Turnigy splash screen and default model name.


I found the data cable...

and the trainer cable with a very garbled description. You don't need this one unless you have two i6s and want to buddy box. You can also adapt an old S-video cable. I think you have to cross over the two pwm lines and probably disconnect the UART lines.

I couldn't find the flysky sim cable but I did find this...
which will most probably work. You can also find this on ebay. The smaller DIN cable is the one that plugs in the back of the i6. I can't find mine at the moment but I'll post the pinout so you can check if you decide to get it. The PPM out should go to the center pin of the 3.5 mm jack. This sim cable may be better because it may let all 8 channels through and mean you can use a switch for flaps and retracts on models that support them in ClearView. Not sure if picaSim has any. The Flysky one I got only seems to let the basic 4 channels through.

Or you can get the FlySky cables from Banggood with free shipping I think. Just search for FlySky on the Banggood site and put it in CND. The i10 buddy cable is different so don't get that.
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