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Turnigy 9x Questions


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It may come with a data cable even though it's not mentioned so you may want to wait on ordering the data cable until you get it unless it makes a difference to the shipping. You shouldn't need it immediately. There is a chance the firmware is old but probably enough time has passed to make that unlikely. You can usually check for the latest here...


But the download center seems to be broken currently.

They also have a Facebook page...

I just ordered my radio, now about the sim cable...

Its says it comes with two CD's. One has a sim called Pheonix 5, and the other has a copy of Realflight 7? Do you think that's true?

EDIT: I think that the sim cable on amazon will work. Other sites seem to stock them and market them as "universal," and FlySky is in their list of radios Even if it doesn't, it's no big deal. I would have the USB adapter, all i would need is the $2 cable from banggood.
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One more question, which voltage sensor do I need for the i6? I found two:


I don't even see how the first one would connect to the receiver.
The C series sensors work with the iA6B. So get the CVT01 voltage sensor


The C series sensors daisy chain together but like I said most of the currently available sensors are not that useful unless you have a gas motor so you will likely only need this one.
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You can use an alarm but you will need to somehow break out the outer two pins on the battery's balance socket for the probe. Probably a bit of a pain without some kind of custom build balance socket extension.


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well they are both pretty inexpensive...but if you can only get one I'd go for the alarm since it's multi-purpose and you can use it with either of the receivers you are getting. You can use it as an alarm on the model and to check the battery balance and charge away from the model. They are not super accurate but will give you a good idea.

Personally I would get 2 or 3 alarms and the probe just because it's cool to have the planes battery reading on an inexpensive tx and alarms can go MIA in a crash. But it all adds up and so long as you have one alarm you've got something to start with.


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not specifically but here is a good write up about balance connectors. The Alarm just plugs into that assuming it's a JST-XH which they mostly are.


Actually a lot of good information on that site. It's fairly technical.

For the sensor basically you have to connect the probe across the two outer leads of the balance connector or across your main battery leads. If you are using the balance connector for your battery alarm then you could either make a balance connector adapter or a main battery adapter that breaks out the appropriate wires so you can plug in the prob. If you plan to solder a battery connector onto your ESC (they mostly come without so you have to) you could just do it there using a servo wire and socket. Just remove the signal wire so there's no confusion with the ESC control wire. If you model has multiple ESCs you only need the probe socket on one of them. For models that use power distribution boards you can probably figure out a way to get the voltage from there.

You just need to get familiar with the basic RC control circuit and it should become clear.

This series is a bit old but it's pretty clear


Your probe can plug in where his alarm plugs in. Your alarm can then use the balance lead on the battery.
OK, so I could plug the alarm into the balance plug, and when I solder my battery connector to the ESC, I could solder one of these plugs (Minus the White wire) to the same joints?


And then I would plug the probe into the servo plug and receiver?

EDIT: Actually, I would probably use the white and black wire instead since that would give the probe more room to plug into the servo plug.
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Use the red and black to keep the correct color coding and position in the socket. The probes pins will fit next to each other in a servo wire socket. It would be good idea to block off the signal wire socket in that connector with some epoxy or something or wrap the connector with tape so you cannot accidentally plug it into your receiver thinking it is the ESC control wire. It will damage the receiver.