Turnigy 9x v2 compatible receiver?


Some guy in the desert
I've used the 3ch one as well, and it works. But it will only survive 2 or 3 hard hits, there are a few components that are mounted in a way that the force of impact causes them to rip themselves off the board. It's designed as a ground RX for wheeled vehicles which while they crash don't tend to have quite as many G forces involved in their crashes ;) They also aren't great for range - but for parkfliers I've never had an issue.

Really at this point though the only flysky RX I use is my homemade one based on midelic's work over on RCG (http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1921870) it's the only way to get failsafe (since I'm mainly flying multis right now failsafe is more or less necessary) and it can do PPM output which simplifies the wiring on my multis. It's also small and light though I haven't really optimized my setup yet. It's really just 6 wires between an RF module and an arduino pro mini (about $7 worth of parts if you buy them off ebay) - oh yeah...and one resistor and LED so I can see the status :)