Turnigy Plush 18amp version


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I recently bought two Turnigy Plush 18a escs to replace some that I burned out on my tricopter. I put them on and noticed that they were smaller than the other one. The new ones were version 4.3, while the old one was version 3.1. I turned it on and the 3.1 started smoking and melted half the casing. Now I need a new esc, but no website I can find specifies the version, although the picture always shows the 3.1. Did the differing versions bust my esc? I haven't gotten this thing to fly yet, and have been through 4 escs, a motor, and a servo. I would really like something to go as planned.:mad:


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Different ESC versions may affect flight performance, but wouldn't cause an ESC to break. Did you accidentally solder it the wrong way? Reverse voltage would break an ESC. Failing that, you were just unlucky and should try to return it

Don't give up on it, I went through many ESCs on my quadcopter, but they really are worth getting working