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Turnigy Redundant Dual Ubec 8A

Hi everyone does anybody know anything about this product:Turnigy Redundant Dual Ubec 8A of HK?
I want to put to an EXTRA 330S 45cc gas Great Planes to receiver power.
I use 5 Power HD 9201 MG High Torque servos and 1 HX12k to throtle!
Thanks a lot!!!!!


Rotor Riot!
Well, probably nobody wants to take the blame for a crashed plane... Or nobody has ever used one.

But what I can tell you, is that a Redundant ESC is a combination of two ESC's, if one shuts down, the other will take over. Also, if your plane is worth a lot, you might not want to use HK stuff (which isn't bad, but just unreliable) and get some top-of-the-line stuff instead.

Sorry if I can't help...
It is a nice system!! I have used it a lot but i did not used the controller. ONLY the Becs!! i used the one for 2servo elevator +1 rudder and the other one for ailerons+throtle + rx. NO PROBLEM.
I don't really trust the controller. Only the BECS