UK Birmingham? Yorkshire?


Master newb
Looking for friends goto be honest trustworthy type that wants to just have fun on weekend. you can be a kid to its np as long as I speak with parents ect.

I want to get into racing and travel around doing leagues ect but struggling to find anything legit.

Im looking into flying multiple classes but again struggling to even find a site that even tlks about classes, its all buybuybuybuy insurance lol.

Yea im thinking doing some these foamies what flight test do too so multiple things. even helis. im just getting back into rc and tbh dunno how i aint fkd it off already due to the people its like 99% want to take advantage of you.

What ever.
PM me il put notifications on.
Im looking to go out atleast every weekend for hole day.
I just need tx rx and batts and im ready. Just had operation and not driving so locals a must but if you do race please get ibtouch as I want to travel and race. Like a team.
If you a youngen I will help you out even let you fly mine. I just need some buddies into flying.

PM as probably lose this thread.
Im genuine honest and reliable and expect you to be same. if you 1 of these look what i got type of guys dont bother, if you 1 them sneaky people that just want to get what you can out of some 1 dont bother as i aint a ideot and i see straight threw it so dont waste your time.

I just want some 1 like me thats all. honest person whos reliable and wants to go racing threw summer 2017 and maybe win some things aha.

Tell me. I know im brotish and im from uk ect but why are brits so ip there own backsides and so sneaky? please tell me as i dont understand? did we get hit with inbreedong threw 2 or 3 generations or something?
looool im being serious. every fkr just want to try take advantage.
go on ebay. check prices then put uk only. look at the price dofference for exact same items.

Im ashamed. Always same aint it. cant help your selfs but spoil it for every 1.

killed the sport b4 it started. nasty.

pm me. dont care if you beoke i got you as long as you got me should circumstances ever change.
yuo looking for legit friendship. Is tgat to much to ask for?

Im up and down Birmingham to yorkshire way and will meet from jan as im in recovery right now. but if you thinking exact sae as me ad agree. contact me. like i say idc kid old man, girl idc. just want flying buddy to discuss things and build together and race together ect.

If you the kind of guy that would try and sell your pal a tx for double the price of new after owning it 2 year do not contact me. you will come unstuck big time.

Take care.
pm only please and even if it a year from now pm.
I want a team and do this by the book propa!
even start our own club ect, no bs straight egit. even rent a place whack 3d printer and cnc machine and tive access to members. build a course ect.
So hard though but if everything carrys on way it is 1 of 2 things going to happen. 1 people just give up on the sport or 2 people fo make it better.

Even just a weekend meet up ect every weekend a few of us go have some fun and look out for each other, help each other.
Thats all ;)