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Versa Wing/Mesa RC Foam Fighters MFB-2?


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I just found the Mesa RC Foam Fighters program and think it's an awesome thing that I wish I had when I was a kid in school! I was pondering making a canopy on the Versa Wing (due to another member's project) and then led me to think of a B-2 Bomber. Lo and behold the Mesa RC guys have plans for a scratch build B-2, question is the possibility of melding these two planes together and forming a hybrid? Make a versa wing and shape it with the B-2 profile with canopy?
Couple questions would be the airfoil design on the versa wing vs the B-2 doesn't make sense to me (I have no clue about aerodynamics...) so what is the main reason for the elevons on the B-2 to have a "V" up and down control surface? Would that contradict having a typical airfoil like the Versa Wing? Maybe two versa wings with the bases together? Maybe this would be a better Show Suggestion....just throwing ideas out there


Dedicated foam bender
A lot of the design considerations for the B2 were based on stealth. IIRC the sawtooth on the trailing edge was for the avionics to be able to keep a true wing stable with no vertical surfaces. It also uses split control surfaces as airbrakes and yaw control. Very complex systems but I've seen model B2's fly well so I know it can be done R/C...