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video suggestion FPV paratrooper or airplane with a safety "shute"

I always wanted to hook up some FPV gear to a parachute that you can control by a servo pulling the strings slightly and guide it to a landing location also pan/tilt on the camera so you can sight see on the way down

or an airplane with its own parachute for emergency landings...
Ive Been thinking of the same thing! ive been working up some designs (thoughts) during school;) about making a shooting rc plane and a plane that that has a parachute eject. i think making a air plane or multi copter would be easy to make soft air soft, most likely co2 powered. being that air soft is smaller and liker i think it would be easier. whats your thoughts???? and if you can make a Cinder block fly you can deff make a paintball/ air soft gun fly


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Yeah a multicopter with airsoft must be cool!

But what can you shoot with it then? Birds in the sky, will be pretty tought to do and noone wants to really any harm to birds.

Some baloons maybe :D:D
no air soft !! real Paint-balls it would b e so much cooler if they can do a turkey they can lift a real paintball gun with tank no problem pluss the paint splatter is so cool:black_eyed: