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Viking 2-E and Ceres-E


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Video of 2 great F3X airplanes.
Viking 2-E 4kW (the red one) - pilot Dalibor Sterba
Ceres-E 2,5kW (the white one) - pilot Dalibor Sterba
I was only behind of camera.

Dalibor is a great builder and great pilot (he is flying like a robot). Viking is death now, because of one experiment, but Dalibor prepared new and better one. So enjoy this video.


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You know, Dalibor was testing a new camera on the board. He was trying to make video from the end of the wing, but he did not put balance weight on the oposite wing. Can you imagine what happend when move the stock to full throtle.
If you wanna see more videos directly from Dalibor, you can see them here: http://vimeo.com/user1024221