Viking Model 12 280 vs UMX Pitts

Hello all,

It may be strange to compare these two but I am able to choose between either.;-pitts-s-1s-bnf-basic-with-as3x®-technology-eflu5250

The Viking model being a little less pricey actually. This will be my second plane, the first being the apprentice 15s. My goals for this next aircraft is to be able to fly more often while improving my aerobatic skills. The apprentice is great but I don't have access for a field large enough as much as I do a field 2-3 soccer fields big. Not quite ready for 3d yet but would like to get there. So my question is which way do I go? Will the Viking be too much to handle? Could I scale back the throws to help as I progress? Will I limit my flying with wind speed with UMX? What else should I consider?

Thanks for all you help!


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Either should work in that size field. Looks like you could grow into the Viking more. Scale back the throws and use expo. You should be fine. The Viking does not have safe, so if you can fly the apprentice with out safe you should be ok. Also doesn't look like the Viking is available anymore. Did you find it local?
Thanks! Yep, found it locally. Cool, what I would like to be able to do is have it perform more gently first then graduate into more advanced maneuvers, so seem like the scaling will help with that. Any advice going from a single wing to a bi-plane?


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Nah, you'll be fine. More wing area just means more lift! Smaller throws and use expo. That alone will help calm it down.


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Be very careful if that is only your second airplane. it will not want to self correct at all, and it will be a handful for the first few flights. Keep your expo high and be sure you can deal with an airplane that has no dihedral. Also, biplanes don't fly any different from a normal airplane, but it can be easier to lose orientation. My advise to you is to keep the airplane close and make sure that you know which way is up. Remember, when you're inverted down is up, and up is expensive.