Voltage Telemetry on the ‎Turnigy 9x?


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forgive me If I R Dumb , I'm new here. Please help point me in the right direction.

I've finished building my Electrohub but it's running a multiwii flip 1.5 and i'm using my balance lead from my battery for FPV,
so i have no happy easy way to monitor my voltage!

So I'm thinking the only answer is 'Telemetry' I dont know much about it, E.g. hooking it up e.c.t

Any way I'm still using a standard ‎Turnigy 9x, I'm guessing i'll have to buy and fit a FrSky DHT DIY Telemetry Compatible Transmitter Module


Then flash my TX with open9X (OpenTX) to allow me to use telemetry? (I'm taking this from the guide from Rchacker);


Is this the right thing to do? I'm really struggling to find info on the setting's of the transmitter once modded.

I dont want to do all this modding and risk bricking my TX to find out It doesn't have the capability to beep at me when I have low voltage.

I'm also struggling to find things out like what receiver to get and how to hook up the receiver to monitor the voltage.




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Sorry to say that, in order to get telemetry working on the 9x, a bit of relatively advanced soldering is required. It's more than just installing the module. You have to solder to two of the TINY pins on the AVR328 microprocessor itself. Not for the faint hearted, and although I consider myself a reasonable hand with a soldering iron, I toasted my board trying to do this mod.

The simplest way to get telemetry working on your 9x is to buy the SmartieParts solderless programmer board and the TelemetrEZ board.