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VTOL Aircraft


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I have a cool project idea that i have always wanted to see in action and an rc model and you guys would be the ones to master it! I think it would be awesome if you guys attempted to create some sort of modern day VTOL aircraft such as the Harrier or the V-22 Osprey. I have seen few videos and attempts of people making rc model versions of these and if anything you guys would be the ones to master this and making one of them.

Folks, feel free to post a video of any of these aircraft built as rc models!

-Douglas Young

Sorry if I wasn't supposed to post here but i thought it would be the right section. (Forgive me im new):)

harrier.jpg v22.jpg


Stuck in Sunny FL
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It's not so much that you're not supposed to post in the other section, as that even if you create a thread there, no one but mod staff will ever see it.

I've moved it to this section, which I think you'll agree suits it just as well.

I've seen some interesting things done with multirotor craft that would be close to something like an osprey.