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Wanted: old plane for an old pilot


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I'm looking for suggestions for my next build. I enjoy turn of the century and experimental planes from that time period. ( as suggested in here probably because those are the ones I remember growing up. ) lol. So far I found the 1914 monoplane and built 2 of them. Also, found the Taube in here and built 2 of those. I did one each at 100% and one each at150%. but now I can't seem to find any more like those that actually have plans I can just follow. Anyone have any suggestions for odd type old planes I might have overlooked?


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boy , ask for weird and you get it lol. that sure would be ab interesting build
Yeah, the write-up on it is interesting, especially the part about it being so stable, that it was difficult to change course. My guess is, that huge duct acted like stabilizing fins, sufficient to offset the effects of the rudder and elevator. A 75% replica built more recently displayed the same characteristics, and I'd wonder if a small scale model would likewise exhibit such stability, or if the lighter weight would help offset that effect.