We have lost an important builder and YouTube mentor - Samm Sheperd 1994-2018


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I am not really familiar with his work but I do recognise the name.

Its sad when anyone the young leaves the world. Specially someone who contributed something positive for the rest of us to draw from.

MY condolences to his family and friends as he will surely be missed. At least there is much documentation of his short life to comfort them.


Samm was a huge inspiration for me. His knowledge and enthusiasm was a joy to watch. His "try to make anything fly" attitude and his love of flight fit right in with the Flitetest ethos.

RIP Samm.


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I learned a lot from this, guy, all of his videos are interesting and informative and despite only seeing him through a screen, I feel sad knowing we won't ever get anything new from him.


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Very sad news, but thank you for sharing this with us.

Let's all remember to hug our loved ones, and tell them they are appreciated while we can still be with them.

To all my brothers and sisters here in the forums: you've made my life brighter and more interesting through your sharing, comments, and support, and I thank you for that.


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I want to think I may have heard the name, but not 100% sure. Regardless, I also hate hearing about the young ones that pass. RIP Samm.

I've subscribed to his channel and going to check out his catalog of videos.


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Samm's video where he made the slat wing plane was one of the cool experimental RC videos that I came across while looking at old flite test videos like the annular wing plane. Those experimental lets-see-if-it-will-fly videos made me want to build RC planes. This news made me sad when I saw that video in my subscription feed. A real shame.


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In the meantime, thanks OP for posting this.

I never knew of Samm prior to this post. I went to his Youtube page and watched/learned from him and am a smarter man today because of Samm.
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