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Hi All!
Figured I would introduce myself and "try" give you all a very brief introduction to me.

I started flying RC in 1972
I started flying RC helicopters in 1979 My first Heli was the Heliboy 60. Times have changed so much since those early years.
I flew both Heli's and Planes until 1990 at that time I stopped flying completely because of family commitments and my job which had me flying around the country with little time for RC. While on trips I would often look up and see full size helicopters and think I should get back into this hobby.

In 1998-99 I re connected and joined my old flying field. This time I stuck to only helicopters. I found this made a huge difference in my learning curve. I got to be a fairly decent and safe flyer.

I was our clubs president for a year and vice president for a year or two after. I felt it is important to contribute to the club and if you don't who will? I will say being one of the officers taught me a lot about our club and the hobby in general. Things appear differently when you have taken the time to become a club officer. I would recommend anyone who has an interest to give being a club officer a try.

Advance to 2015 I bought my first FPV setup(s) three of them. January 2017 my first 5 inch race quad. While I have not been to the field as often as I used to, I do plan to step it up. I am finding the increase in inexpensive and extremely functional quads is increasing quickly as it did with the Helicopters.

January 2018, just purchased a new 5 inch race quad.
For me, while I can and have build planes and helicopters, it is not my favorite part of this hobby. I prefer to fly not build.

I love flying the helicopters, the planes seem to bore me. Its not that I don't like flying them. I just lose interest after the first pack or two. These quads are like the heli's were when I started them. Something new always coming out. Better, more stable easier to setup, each year major improvements in the electronics.
Being in the computer industry (for 35 years) this is a great hobby for anyone who loves the technology. Its actually a lot less expensive then the heli's.

Where I am at today with Quads.... Indoor tiny whoop, fun but 3 minutes, just hard for me to like that. I am ready to switch to rate mode (didn't they call this mode something different last year ? :) I have always felt that it should be pretty close to flying a heli. The one difference I am guessing is when I sit my heli in a hover, it is sort of stable. It will drift or fall off eventually but you have to be on the sticks at all times, especially the throttle.

Setups are done currently in Betaflight with Chrome but I have downloaded the betaflight application and am prepared to install when needed.

On my 5 inch quads I run only 4 cell packs. 1350 and 1500 mAh I store charge my batteries always.
My two race quads are the Shuriken X1 and this year I bought the Furibee X215. I find that the X215 running F4 flight controller to be an improvement over my Shuriken and I so far have only test flown it in LOS yesterday. I have to admit, I spent about 3 hours at least setting up the X215 Sunday and I have a ton of experience with software, etc. If it takes me this long, I can only imagine how difficult this could be to someone who does not have the background. I guess if I did this setup stuff on a more regular basis it would be much easier.

I expect to fly mostly freestyle. Maybe get into racing at some point. I just want to be able to spin out to the field and burn a few packs before I head home on week days. The requirement of a watcher is a PIA and I know this is going to be problematic for me. The FAA registration also put a damper on my flying last year. Not that I couldnt fly my heli without it, but that I need to be registered seems to me an imposition, being that I am an AMA member and have been for over 17 years. Hey it is what it is, I except it but I don't have to like it.

I always have questions and its good to have a place where you can get answers. (hopefully quickly)
Sorry for the long winded introduction but I saw a thread requesting I initially post some basic info to help you, I think, answer my questions.