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Weathered Plane


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Got hanger rash!? aka: scratches and dings. Instead of repainting your RC flyer, you can simply "weather your plane" and give it a realistic distressed look with some paint and charcoal!

distressed_plane2.jpg distressed_plane3.jpg

Your can transform your RC flyer into a realistic plane and also hide scratches and dings by adding some 'nitty gritty', to do this, break up some charcoal and brush it on the high points of your plane in the direction of the airflow.

distressed_plane1.jpg distressed_plane4.jpg

Using this same dry brush technique you can simulate wood grain too! All you will do is painting with darker paint on light parts and lighter paint on dark parts and lightly brush the colors on your wood parts until you achieve the look you want.

distressed_plane7.jpg distressed_plane8.jpg

If you're worried about your paint skills, just practice the technique on a scrap piece of plastic or some paper before painting on your plane.


You'll want to seal everything once you've painted or added your charcoal weathering. To seal it, use a can of spray on lacquer and lightly coat your plane. This will help seal the charcoal and protect your paint from more scratches.


There's a bunch of other ways you can paint your plane, these are just a few techniques. Next time you get a chance try it out, it's a great way to customize your plane and make it your own!


We want to thank Chris Roncaglione for this demonstration and his help painting the plane in this episode!

The RC Warbird featured in this episode is available from Hobby King:
Durafly SE5a 1030mm (PNF)
Help the guys out!

Those guys need a A/C in the presenting room, shinny hosts. Chad a least leave the door open to the house... Lol. You guys are great thanks for all the great ideas.


I always weather my planes, but my technique differs quite a bit. My method consists of regularly colliding with the ground. Weird thing is, their "unnatural" techniques look much more realistic than my "real" ones.


Super Cub nosed in this evening. I think it was brown out. I was flying downwind, turned onto base leg and it started to do a quick wingover (didn't stall). It responded in time to pull out, I had it for a couple of seconds, then it did the same thing. Thump.

There is hardly any damage, but the battery was VERY hot. I'm not going to risk recharging. Its going in the hall of dead LiPos.
A few minutes after coming in, I watched the new episode. I couldn't help but admire how "weathered" the Cub is.