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Welcome to the volunteer area!

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I hope that everyone is getting as excited as we are for Flite Fest 2014!
We have had our heads down working as hard as we can to get this event working as smoothly as possible.
However, instead of getting overwhelmed we have decided to keep in touch with all the people who have offered to help make this event happen. The volunteers! At the end of the day this event is community powered so we thank you for helping with that.

Volunteer Organization
Fred Provost (Flying Monkey) is going to be helping quite a bit with some of the organization aspects of volunteers so if you have any questions, he is the man. We will be posting event schedule, event map, any special contingency plans, volunteer schedule and much more information here. Our goal is that anyone wearing a Flite Fest Staff shirt during the event is as informed as possible to be able to help others.

This event blew up way bigger then we honestly expected (our original lofty goal was 100 pilots) so please excuse our mess as we figure everything out. Scaling up from 5 Porta Johns to 20, scaling from a 40x40 event tent to a 40x100 and lots of other details are taken care of but there is still lots to do!

At the end of the day, this is an event in someone's "backyard", organized by a bunch of people who have never put on an event before and will be enjoyed by a lot of people who have probably never been to a similar RC event. So if it seems like we are missing something, we probably are! If you feel like you have something unique you can contribute to the event, please don't hesitate to contact Fred (Flying Monkey) and bounce it off him.

Again, thank you so much for being willing to help make this event a success. One thing I am certain of is that we can not do this without you.



Stuck in Sunny FL
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Now that I have your attention, thanks for signing up to help with Flite Fest 2014.

*I have it on good authority, the Fest Volunteers will be getting a few perks not available to other Fest Guests.

In order to make sure all of the tasks that need doing will have someone to get them done, I'll be putting together a preliminary schedule. If you'd make a post with the following I can get started on it right away.

1) First and last name.
2) City and State of residence.
3) Days you're willing to volunteers. (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
4) Part of the day you'd be available. (Morning, Afternoon, Evening.)
5) Which task do you think you'd best be able to help
with. (Choose from the tasks listed below)
6) T-Shirt size

Welcome Tent
Build Area
First Aid
Flite Line
Camping Area
Inflatable Playground



1) Patrick Murphy
2) Dallastown, PA
3) Camping on-site and am willing to work for portions of each day, as needed.
4) You tell me when I'm needed. Do we get overtime, Fred? ;)
5) Top 3 - Build area, Welcome Tent, Camping Area. But, put me where needed.
6) Large
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1 - David Mytchak
2 - Houston, TX
3 - RV'ing on site - Arrive Thursday afternoon - can volunteer for anything on Thursday. Friday, Saturday
4 - Prefer Morning, 2nd choice would be afternoon for Friday, Saturday.
5 - Flite Line (need rules), Welcome Tent, Parking Greeters
6 - Large T-SHIRT
Adding number 6 as a last resort. I hate picking up trash but worse, I hate seeing trash. So I'll put my money where my mouth is. If you need trash help, ping me.
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Builder Extraordinare
1) Joshua Orchard
2) Frederick Maryland
3) Camping: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
4) Th afternoon/evening(whenever I get there), F Morning, Sa Morning, Su afternoon.
5) Build Area, Flight line, Maintenance
6) XXL shirt size

Really I'll do whatever you tell me to but I would like to fly and get to know people. I'm a morning person WITHOUT coffee, and I don't drink coffee.
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Andy Timmons (Pintokitkat)

1) Andy Timmons
2) Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK
3) Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
4) Morning, Afternoon, Evening
5) Trash
6) Shirt size large

I like things to be tidy!

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1) Ed Christlieb
2) México, City
3) Late Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
4) All day I think, don't know anyone. Would like to fly FPV a couple of times a day if FAA is no trouble.
5)Parking/Greeters, Welcome Tent, Build Area, First Aid, Flite Line, Trash, Maintenance, Camping Area. I really would like to help at all times just a couple of FPV flight a day would work for me.
6) T-Size> Medium
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1.Thomas "Josh" Harvel and Zack my son
2.Newark Ohio
3.saturday and sunday (camping Friday Saturday Sunday)
4.Morning can also work build tent and I'm sure I help whenever needed for other things just as long as we get fly time
5. Flight line (sorry my son wanted to work it so I changed job posting)
6 XL shirt size and you don't have kids sizes :( so as small as possible if he needs one

I will have my 8 year old son with me so anything we can do together

LOL looks like my group is becoming a work crew......
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1) Mason Guerdette
2) liberty, lake WA
3) any days required maybe less Thursday
4) all day maybe little time for flying each day
5) flight line, build area, and possibly first aid
*note: see email I sent to you fred.
1. Toby Ray
2. Louisville, CO
3. All days
4. Whenever, just need some flying time.
5. Flite Line, maintenance, trash, inflatable playground, build area, buddy boxing if needed
6. Medium

1. James Ray
2. Louisville, CO
3. Friday
4. Morning
5. First aid, camping area.
6. Medium
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1) Jason Uberig
2) London, Ontario (Canada)
3) Friday, Saturday
4) Afternoon or Evening (not both - need to spend time with my kids ;-) )
5) Willing to float wherever needed, but here's my preference: Flite Line, Build Area, Welcome Tent, ... whatever.
6) Shirt sizes:
- me: XL
- Alana (14 year old): Women's Small
- Carly (11 year old): Kid's (10) or Extra Small

I'll have my 2 daughters with me who want to help (I asked them ;-) )... maybe they could be paired up to help with the kids inflatables area?? Or alternately, with me. I'd like to keep them together if possible. They don't have to be doing what I'm doing though.

Thanks for all you're doing.
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1) Ian Rushforth
2) Greensboro, North Carolina
3) Anytime. Arriving Thursday, can stay late Sunday to help clean up.
4) Anytime.
5) Maintenance, flight line, trash, but anything you need really is ok
6) Large
1) Jeff Collins
2) Lancaster PA
3) Any day But would like to start the drive home by 6pm EST on Sunday.
4) Mornings and afternoons I would like the evenings free if possible. If not I am flexible.
5) Would prefer Trash, Welcome tent, build area, or maintenance but I am down for whatever but am not qualified for flight line as I am untrained and this is my first event.
6) 3XL
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1) Jon McCarty
2) New Haven, MO
3) Friday-Sunday (Should be arriving before noon on Friday if all goes as planned)
4) Morning or afternoon (I am an early riser so early morning stuff is fine)
5) Build Area, Welcome Tent, Camping area (will already be camping there already)
6)Shirt Size is XL
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1) Devin Crumb
2) Coral Springs, FL (near Ft. Lauderdale, just north of Miami)
3) Any day but not sure when I will be showing up on Thursday
4) Any time though I would like to be free to participate in the combat events
5) Anything where I can stay out of the sun. Would like to limit my sun exposure to when I am flying. Skilled with electronics, computers, and video. Can help with the live web cast.
6) XXL

I will be camping on site.
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Less than 250 Grams!
1) Thomas Grotzke
2) Coudersport, Potter Co.(God's Country), Pennsylvania
3) Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
4) Morning, Afternoon, or Evening. Whichever is needed
5) Which task do you think you'd best be able to help with:
-Build Area
-Flight line (My first time, I like a challenge)
-Welcome Tent
6) shirt size: XL

Like Bitoger, I want to limit my sun exposure.
I have worked/refereed at paintball tournaments and twenty four hour games at Skirmish U.S.A, in the Pocono Mts.
I figure this'll be similar.
I'll be camping on site.

Can't wait to meet you all.:)

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1) Kenton Van Duyne
2) Copley, Ohio
3) Friday (Night), Saturday, Sunday
4) Available anytime Saturday or Sunday...I won't arrive until about 7:00PM on Friday.
5) Inflatable Playground (my 5 year old son will be with me), Build Area, Welcome Tent, Trash, Camping Area
6) Shirt Size: Medium
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1) Richard Gingerich
2) Plain City, OH City and State of residence.
3) Friday-Sunday
4) More of a late owl than morning person, but I'll help whenever you need someone
5) Parking/Greeters, welcome tent, trash, camping area, wherever. Like bitogre I have background in computers, a/v and would be more than happy to help in that capacity if needed.
6) Medium

While I occasionally read forums, I've rarely posted in any kind of forums before so this would be my first post. I'm also quite impressed with how many of you guys from long distances are volunteering!
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