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Welcome to the volunteer area!

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David Bischof
1) David Bischof
2) Weirton, WV Text to 681-328-7379
3) Thursday afternoon, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
4) Morning
5) Welcome Tent, Trash/Maintenance, Parking, Camp area (will be camping) anyway I can help
6) X-Large
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Winter is coming
1) David Mak
2) Jamaica Plain (Boston), MA
3) Any/all days
4) Anytime of day there is a need
5) All tasks - in the past, I was CPR-AED/First Aid/Lifeguard certified, but that certification has lapsed for a few years. Have also coached youth swimming, so am ok working with kids. I'm fairly new to the hobby (Fall 2013 start) and will probably only bring a small handful of planes and batteries so I suspect I can help out more than fly.
6) T-Shirt Size: Medium
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Hostage Taker of Quads
Staff member
1) Dan Crews
2) Warner Robins, Ga
3) Arriving mid Thursday, leaving Monday, and available most anytime while I'm onsite
4) Most any time - staying offsite, so early mornings might be rough to get in.
5) Whatever I can lend a hand
6) 2XL


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1) Bill Blair
2) Berea, Kentucky
3) Wednesday , Thursday , Friday, Saturday
4) Any
5) Welcome Tent,Flite Line,Camping Area,Grill
6) 4xl
1) Robert Rittenhouse
2) Heath, Ohio
3) I will be there Thursday Night, through Sunday.
4) Morning is best but whenever i'm idle, really.
5) Preferred: Build Area, Flite Line, Whatever else that needs done.
6) 4XL
1) Tim McMahan
2) Hermann, MO.
3) Friday-Sunday
4) Should arrive by noon Friday, then available. Saturday all day or evening. Sunday... morning?
5) Parking/ Greeters,Welcome Tent, Camping Area (already camping there with volunteer #14)
6) XL (is it a brand I can buy locally to be sure? See also Hobbyking shirts, LOL!)

No formal training in Maintenance or First-aid, but level-headed in a crisis and can fix lots of stuff, if that helps. HAM license also, if that helps.
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captian kazuma

smile. you've got wings.
1) Stratton Smith
2) bremerton whashington
3) everyday
4) afternoon
5) I can do alot of thing. But im new at rc. I can greet and im great with kids and people. Im an artist and good at painting and crafting but im new at rc stuff. So anything but the first aid and the flite line I think
6) medium

Want to help in anyway and hope being a noob won't be a problem. Oh yeah, what color are the shirts? I doubt it but I hope it a bright color and not black, purple maybe lol but its cool
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1) Todd Bagley
2) Dixon, IL
3) Friday, Saturday, Sunday
4) Morning, Afternoon, Evening
5) Flite Line, Welcome Tent, First Aid, able to carry trash...
6) X-Large
1. Jonathon triplett
2.Newark, Ohio
3.thursday night thru Sunday would be flying my self friday.
4.mostly any time of the day
5.build area ect. where ever you need me will be glad to help.

Will be in a small group with mr rittenhouse. Hulapunk and tjhogg and his son.
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Fly yes... land no.
1) Andre Rousseau
2) Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
3) Thursday (Arrival 2-3pm), Friday, Saturday, Sunday (Departing by 2pm)
4) Any time is fine.
5) I'm able to do any of the tasks required and can also help with video shooting and editing...
6) T-Shirt size is large
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1. Chris Gonzales
2. Newark Ohio
3. Saturday and Sunday (camping Friday Saturday Sunday)
4. Morning
5. Welcome Tent or whatevs, just not parking or trash please? Well, I will if you need...
6. XL shirt size

I will be in a small group with rrittenhouse, jhogg and his son, and triplettjon.
1) Matthew Elyash
2) Sacramento, CA
3) Wednesday Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
4) Morning, Afternoon, Evening which ever fits.
5) In order of Skill fit, Camping Area Welcome Tent, Build Area, Maintenance Parking/Greeters,
6) I am a 2XL Heck I AM an inflatable play area!!!!

I will be Camping there early anyway and am an EXPERIENCED RV'er so that is why I had Camping Area first. Anyway everybody else beat me to trash....
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Just someone else.
1) Andy Trimbach
2) Ludlow Falls, Ohio
3) Friday, Saturday....maybe thursday afternoon (I could probably be there thursday noonish if need be)
4) Friday anytime, Saturday..I really want to fly in the Bloody wonder destruction carnival of death and mayhem, but most any other time.
5) Welcome tent, building, lots of customerservice exp, greeting/parking, no exp on fliteline,..but would love to..but if you have a need, Choose from the tasks listed below:) Don't know where I am staying overnite yet, so campground might not be a good option.
6) Large.
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1) Steve Thomas
2) Wadsworth, Ohio
3) Thursday after 5PM, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
4) Evening Thursday, any time Friday-Sun. I would like a little bit of flight time.
5) (Most to Least desirable) Livestream/Production/Anything Tech, Maintenance, Build Area, Welcome Tent, Flite Line, Parking/Greeting
6) Large T-shirt

Hoping key people will have radios (walkie-talkies) for quick communication! I have a couple if needed. So excited for this event.

See everyone soon!
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Winter is coming
Hoping key people will have radios (walkie-talkies) for quick communication! I have a couple if needed. So excited for this event.

See everyone soon!
I chatted with Fred about this, he's planning a FM radio setup, and I'm bringing my 2 band VHF/UHF portable transceiver. I also have a pair of GMRS radios I can bring.
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