Went from standard tip prop to bullnose on drone


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Hello guys, I have a RAY GW198 GPS drone. It came with standard nose props shown in the first pic below. And I found a excellent deal on FVE OCDAY Black 6045 Bull Nose Strengthened Propeller CCW CW for 250/280 Race Drone in the second pic in the same size. Is there and draw back or plus on switching to bullnose from standard? The prop size is 6x4.5 on both models of props. I read up some on the bullnose and says they give more surface area and makes cornering and turning tighter. Cause of the added surface area vs. the standard pointed end.

Any advice or pointers on the difference of these two props. Again same size and specs, except the bullnose are strengthened type props. Most info I can find on the RAY GW198 drone motors is the motors are brushless 1100kv. Drone pic below as well.

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Bull nose = bad. Yes they can produce more thrust. Stability.. not sure on that but doubtful. The squared edges produce a TON of drag and make these props super inefficient and will probably smoke those motors or set your esc's on fire from excessive current draw.

Judging by a quick glance of that drone its a camera drone and not a race / free style quad. I would stick with the propellers that come with it specially if you are new to flying. That is a toy level quad with wifi for video which will be laggy and unreliable and very unsafe to do any sport or race flights with fpv wise.

Seeing that it is gps enabled you really need to read and follow the instructions regarding the GPS sync other wise you may find yourself with a fly away. GPS defaults to 00 long and 00 lat which is off the coast of Japan. If you do not properly initialize it and hit return to home or should it lose connection to the radio it will fly to that spot unless you let it initialize properly and sync with the minimal recommended satellites.


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Very awesome information , thank you very much! Yes it is a toy style I bought it for a very good price. Just to learn drone flight. I am a plane guy so drones are new... thank you so much for the heads up on the props😊 exactly the reason I made the post is to prevent a fireball. Ask before trying is the best motto....😉
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