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What’s a good beginner fav quad?

I’m interested in learning how to fly racing quads. What is a good beginner drone? I have heard about the vortex 150. It matches my budget and seems to be the best one for learning how to fly them. I do fly 3D planes so I have some experience with the hobby. Your help would be greatly appreciated!


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Me I did the Tiny Whoop more fun then you can shake a stick at and almost indestructible. I picked mine up off of RCgroups paid a whole $40 for it, for me was much better then fixing my 250 size quads after a crash while learning. Which I did many times before the Whoop.
I have flow a whoop and had some fun with them.You can crash them over and over and keep flying. I’m just looking for something more.



WWII fanatic
I'm not a big quad guy but the vortex looks really nice and If you not against building you could try and build a FT gremlin I'm having lots of fun with mine.


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Your choices are endless when looking at the 150 size, looks like you have done some research just go for it as 2 months down the road something faster and better will be out there.


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Whichever machine you decide on, start with a sim like Velicidrone or Liftoff. Both are good and low price, your savings in props alone will pay for it in an hour :)
The king kong ET series (ET 100, 115, 125) are quite durable and will give you a good amount of performance to learn.
But I would check out Albert Kim’s or Nick Burns’ channel on YouTube for more in depth reviews and suggestions. It’s always best to do the research and choose something you like.