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What are you waiting for???


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I hate waiting for stuff to arrive... Out of necessity I shop online for RC stuff, partly because that's what I can afford, but also because I can't resist a bargain!

I'm currently waiting for a new 50mm EDF unit to arrive for my A-6. It was posted on 18 Feb (from HK), so I had some hope it'd arrive before the weekend, but it was a slim one. I'm also waiting for a couple of UBECs, one of which will complete my Mig-15 which I got for Christmas and haven't flown yet. These were posted from China (Ebay purchase) on 16 Feb... No joy :(
I agree, I'm getting used to it. I always have to wait for few weeks untill my stuff arrives :/
It is necessary fo me to buy my things online because we only have one hobbystore here in Iceland that sells RC ariplanes (few more (2 or 3) which sell cars) and there are like 5 types of planes there: trainer, lowing trainer, Cub, one indoor foamy and maybe one warbird. Everything GP (not the foamy) and overpriced. They only deal with two companies, Robbe and Ripmax from Germany.
So if you want something new or cool you have to buy it online and pay 35% tax :(
I'm waiting for my dx6I to get back from horizon ( needed repairs that I wasn't comfortable doing myself after I droped it in the parking lot), waiting for the umx mig-15 to ship as well as the um spitfire....also waiting for the weather to make up its mind on what season it is supposed to be right now, lol
HK 190
Turnigy 9X M2
USB cable for HK 6ch Tx
Prop adapters
Prop savers
Y cable
futaba servo extensions leads
2 Pin 6 x Pico Plug Charging Set Eflite comp
HK 6ch receiver

and some other minor things like screws, nuts, hinges, clevis, horns ...

Im a hoarder, i need to supply my bench before i start my builds :D
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Brian fred carr

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I was only saying to my missus today after I ordered a imax balancer/charger from hong kong.
That I am starting to enjoy the wait for the bits and pieces from overseas, it gives me a chance
to think on the best use of the gear coming and helps to stop me making those rookie mistakes.
I Have no choice about where I buy stuff from because its just pure economics, prices in the
UK are three times the price of the overseas stuff................so i put up with the wait
reasonable priced 5.8 GHz fpv rx with less than 26mW
reasonable priced diversity
FPV Fiberglass Pan-Tilt Camera Mount L-Size
Everything else should be orderable. Well there could be another source Fatshark Base too (Is on bk on most sites wich are reasonable for me).
woo! got a tracking number for my dx6i....but i thought i was supposed to get a bill for the repairs before it was shipped back to me? oh well, looks like it should be here tomorrow :D thanks horizon!

Brian fred carr

Site Moderator
EPO ParkJet MkII w/Outrunner, ESC, Servo, V- 1 Reserved
T1000.3S.20 Turnigy 1000mAh 3S 20C Lipo Pack 1 Reserved
Z8002S20C ZIPPY Flightmax 800mAh 2S1P 20C 1 Reserved
T1000.3S.25 Turnigy 1000mAh 3S 25C Lipo Pack 1 Reserved
Just ordered this lot from german warehouse....cant wait....but I got to


Never catch a multirotor
My new Fatshark's .. :cool:
And the Turnigy 9X to get available as it is BO since ages.
So I can finally install my FRSky unit in it and get some reasonable FPV range :eek: