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What did you crash today

Well, she is gone for good. I was flying FPV with my Master Series corsair and lost her. I had put a full 2600mah 4s under the goggles and was having a blast! Dive bombing tree lines and trying to do some low passes, just enjoying the heck out of it. I test flew my mini master series corsair, then put another battery into the Big Corsair for another fpv flight. I was taking it easy on this one, when in the middle of a stall turn, my radio cut out, she went full throttle leveled out somewhat and went over the tree tops where my spotter couldn't see. I still had video signal! It went for what felt like 10 minute, realisticaly more like 45 seconds, and I saw it head for trees and signal was gone. I searched that patch of woods, consisting of 80-120ft pine trees, and thick with palm trees near the ground for about 4 hours. Trying to see it in the tops of trees. Gone! Here some pics of the journey of the first Master series that FT put out.



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Crashed nothing again today. Wonder how Hai-lee copes with that. Might just fly into a light pole or fence just so I can build something else.
I thank you for your concern but today I didn't crash anything.
The same cannot be said for the others at the local club. It was very windy again today, (The birds were walking on the ground rather then flying), but I still continued with the lessons as well as a few maidens.
I still managed to bring home a few repairs which other club members are not capable of.

s an indication of the wind and turbulence strength we get to deal with one young club member was flying his FB Parkflyer Stick and as he flew into the same area where I lost the tundra, he also was trying to avoid being sucked into the trees when the front skewer ripped out completely, the wing flew off and into the trees, and the fuselage impacted the ground with such force that the Orange Rx broke into many pieces and his battery is now about half an inch shorter.

I am making a replacement Fuselage and carrying out other repairs between posts!

Just another day at the field!

Have fun!


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Crashed my profile plane today. It was kind of an "off the cuff" design anyways loosely based on an RCGroups design resized for foamboard. Think I ended up being tail heavy...gave a ton of elevator to pitch up, but no doubt she was coming down. Hit down nose first and crumpled the fuse pretty good. The fuse uses a single sheet of foamboard, so I'll probably just trace it and rebuild it. Here's a before and after...



The nose flops around like a fish lol.


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Didn't post it at the time 'cause I was at Edgewater, but I put my NexSTAR into a tree! And then fixed it, flew it the next day.

There's the runway I flew off of, and the X marks the spot pretty much right on the nose.

The damage done. All of it. No joke, it went into that tree full throttle and that's all the damage it took. Trainers are tough birds!

I didn't have access to the proper supplies to fix that. No balsa, no cutting tables, no plans, covering, covering irons, none of it. But what I did have was a tube of crazy glue, a golf course map, and some foams from a set of crawler tires. Combining the three netted this repair! It looks a bit how-ya-doin', but it's aerodynamically identical to how it was pre-crash, and the plane flew flawlessly after that repair got made.