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Pumpkin drop event

What did you crash today


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Let me guess... Nose bounce on fast landing leveraged the nose off
Something was off, then I was fighting to keep it from rolling, then it got a ways out and was having issues seeing it, then it went in. I think a servo may have stripped out causing the excessive roll, and this plane can roll like a drill, so became very hard to keep level. Retrieved it about half mile out.
@SquirrelTail - whenever I see this thread with your post as the latest, I am thinking oh no, what did you smash today - obviously I know your a master pilot, but well, it does cross my mind after the pile of wing you made the other day! :D
Haha!! The big planes last awhile and that was kind of a freak accident. But when I crash.... i piledrive that thing


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Well, had a bad day. The power switch shorted on both switches and went full throttle in straight down. RIP MXS View attachment 144703
I feel your pain I lost a glow plane for the same exact reason that is why I have changed all my gas and glow planes to a mosfet switch that I build myself, it is designed to run and fail in the on position. If you want they are easy to build and cheap here is a link to how to make them parts are dirt cheap.