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What do you want under your tree?


Stuck in Sunny FL
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What kinds of rc gifts do you intend to buy for yourself. Is there a hobby related item you're hoping a loved one might be inclined to give to you this season?

Maybe you're looking for help on what to buy that special someone that's got the RC hobby bug. Feel free to post your questions here.

There's still 22 days or so left, there's still time to place a mail order, or rush to the local hobby shop.


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
I wish you all a merry christmas from now already :D But that just because the presents are being given to you at different dates and times :)

I just wanted to say that I am a moslem, however I do respect the christian religion and all that comes with it. So I actually don´t get anything at this time of the year. I do get at some other equivalent events though :)
So just a merry christmas from me in Germany ^^


Stuck in Sunny FL
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Aw shucks, just make a paypal account, and tell everyone that instead of buying you a gift you'll hate, send the money they would have spent, to that account.

Then use the money from there, to buy the frame and board. :D


Stuck in Sunny FL
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I hate to say it, since it's not offered by a Flite Test sponsor... :D

There's an A-10 that has been on my radar for quite some time.

I am also hoping that HobbyKing gets a few planes back in stock, including, but not limited to the Bixler, and the FPV Raptor.

I'm not really wanting much this season. With the way things have gone for so many this year, I am very happy to have what I do.


Never catch a multirotor
Nice last thought FM .. You are right, I didnt want to sound greedy and should actually stick to my present hangar, crash a few and invest in some high quality planes next year. Pleased to see that HK is going that direction.


Stuck in Sunny FL
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I didn't mean to make it sound like other people wanting things was being greedy. I have been very fortunate this year. I have more planes than I can fly, a wonderful wife, a great job, and a home in a beautiful part of the world.

I have made some great friends through Flite Test, both the guys on the crew, and thanks to both the Facebook page, and the forums.

It's been a great year. It's hard to ask for more.

Brian fred carr

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Good thread FM....that A10 thats not a HK product I have seen one also with retracts, that under my tree would be sweet
it wouldnt fit in with my future rc plans...but i could work around it....
I'd really like to add a UMX Stryker or a tricopter/quadcopter of some sort to my hangar. So either of those under the tree would be awesome.

I did just treat myself to a SR-71 Blackbird jet kit though at a heckuva deal, so it's a merry Christmas already for me even if I don't get anything else RC related :D


Crash Test Foamy
I'm planning on straddling Santa's lap asking for a PZ SE5a! I'd also love a HZ Vampire (if HZ get around to releasing it!) or the HZ Stinger 64 (if they'd get more than -10 stock here in Australia!) I've already asked Josh to send me his damaged one which he sadly denied..... now how to I CC this to my wife????


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T u r n i g y 9X
My first transmitter is very bad. No mixing functions. Nothing.... Worse than HK cheapest one...
Hopefully Santa reads flitetest forums (why not?) :)

That censored word of the day thingy is still on *******.... :D
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A Mini-P51D I think would be a must ;)

I received my Christmas gift from the wife already. Its the GoPro Hero 2 . . . but she said it stays under the tree until Christmas :( . . . . man!!!!