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Help! What Flight controller setup is Best for 2-motor (with a 3rd for Pitch stability.)


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Which Firmware do I start with?

My pet project is nearly built. But I need help on where to jump off from for the Control system. Once that is ready, I will post a thread.
I have a SP racing F3 10 dof board that I want to use on a thrust vectoring Vtol craft. I plan to have a small tail rotor for pitch control

Can you help me get moving in the right direction?


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You can use either iNav or Betaflight, but you will probably have to do a custom mixer to get what you want. Neither of those support true VTOL though (the transition). For that you should look into OpenAeroVTOL, but I'm not sure what boards it runs on.


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I would go for a more modern F4 board like the Matek F405 wing controller, it’s more likely to have support in different platforms.


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I am using a mix of iNav, ArduPlane, and dRonin. iNav will run on the SPRF3 board you have. The Matek F405 Wing is an awesome FC for wings and will run both inav and Arduplane. I am running Arduplane on my F405-Wing builds. It is WAY more mature than iNav and has many more features, including vtol options. (Quadplane) iNav is somewhat simpler to set up. I have a running thread over here where I have kinda been giving updates. Been doing more bench work over the last year up till the last month, where I've actually been doing more flying.

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