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what goes where?

Hello all!

I've just got my first EDF jet in the mail yesterday and ive put most of it together. Wings and tails are on. I've also put in my servos. I don't have a controller yet but I'm getting a 6 channel one soon. I'm not sure what servo plugs in where and if I need a y harness. Do I? The model is an f22 with ailerons and 2 separated elevator flaps. Each aileron has its own servo and so does each of the two elevators. 4 servos total. Notice that the servos are reversed from left to right. I plugged both ailerons into a car steering channel and they moved opposite. Same withe elevators. Do I need a y harness? Are the 2 aileron servos on the same channel? Do they go into a y harness? I'd like to know what kind of mixing I haveto do and if I need any y harnesses! Please help! Thanks!
Edit: there are no rudders, only 4 separate control surfaces.


There are a couple of ways you can go about it. The easiest, in my opinion (for what its worth) would be to use a Y harness for the ailerons, which would plug into channel 1 on your receiver, and a Y harness for the elevator servos plugged into channel 2. You'll have to play with reversing the servos on transmitter in order to sort things out.

Another option is to use a Y harness and connect an aileron servo to the same side elevator servo. So, the elevator and aileron on each side act together. I've flown a 50mm F-18 with this setup and it works well.

I'm guessing the "documentation" with the plane didn't help much, huh? Gotta love those Chinese instructions!
the instructions dont say anything at all about electronics! Im looking for very beginner like controls, as ive flown a 3 channel mini super cub. very easy. What is the most similar to that setup? Also i use mode 2. so obviously left stick up/down is throttle. i want my right stick up/down to be elevator control as one elevator. Is right stick left/right ailerons or rudders? I want it to be the most common setup. and then that leaves me with left stick left/right.... what is this used for? I do not have rudders. on this model they are solid with no control surfaces. Can i make it so that right stick left/right is like what you said where it moves the left aileron and left elevator in sinc? Ill soon find out what my transmitter options are, as im getting it soon. Thanks!


Here's the setup for mode 2 transmitters:
Left stick
up/down = throttle
left/right = rudder (won't do anything on this plane)

Right stick
up/down = elevator
left/right = aileron

What transmitter did you order?

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
Transmitter info will help tremendously. Are you going to have ailerons or elevons? Most foam f22's use elevons. If that's the case then flitetest has a great video on setting those up.
im buying my trans from my neighbor, unfortunately all hes told me is that its a 6 channel heli/airplane transmitter. So im assuming it can be atleast lightly programmed to change model types. Help me understand, elevons is when the elevator surfaces go in opposite directions and act like ailerons, right? Ive heard that i can use elevons, ailerons, and an elevator function all with this setup of 4 servos. Ill watch the elevons vid in the meantime. can I have like the left stick left/right action be like my elevons? Thanks!