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What radio brand do you use?

What radio brand do you use?

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Right now i use the 4ch HK Bixler radio. But I am looking into the Turnigy 9x with the FrSky Module for FPV. I only have about 2 years left in Hawaii and i wanna get some good films of the island before i go.


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Poll is invalid as only one choice can be selected. Best bang for the buck is the 9X flashed with ER9X firmware and several transmitter modules (Stock 9X, FrSky and Orange DSM2/DSMX).

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In my case I chose the Dx6i. For us, starting out as newbies, it was valuable to fly a similar radio that the majority of the guys in our club used. Dx6i and Dx7 pretty much rule around our club. Not to mention six bucks a pop for the Orange 6 receivers :cool:

If the 9x were more available when I was starting out I may have gone that route. There are several guys around here that use them and to a man they have been very happy with them.

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There are lots of routes to take if you like tinkering with electronics. I don't, so the Turnigy stuff and all the modules aren't really my thing. For me the Spektrum has proven to be very reliable and I really like the programming my DX8 offers. I also like to be able to fly all of my older BNF equipment with it. I know I could have bought 27 9X's for the price of my Spektrum, but I'm happy with it and I don't have to tinker. I don't have to solder anything, I don't have to modify anything, I just open my case, take out my full featured radio and fly. That was worth the extra bucks. I don't know anyone with a Futaba or JR or Airtronics or any high end trusted brand radios that regret buying it.

Above all, I think that when learning (and I've posted this time and again) you should get a similar radio system as people you fly with. That provides you with lots of first hand knowledge and the ability to use a trainer cord for easier learning. With foam planes that you aren't worried about crashing it's not as important but when you build up a nice wood plane and you are afraid to maiden it, using a trainer cord to "buddy box" it the first time or two makes things a lot easier.