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What signs might indicate you're addicted to flying RC?


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There's been times I looked at my friends who spend lots of money on cigarettes, or alcohol and think to myself, I'm so glad that I'm not addicted to something that would eat away at my paycheck like that... then I realize, yes I am.

"It's ok though, I can quit any time I want to."

"No honey, that's not a new plane, I've had that in the shop forever..."

Thinking about my hobby, and how to someone that isn't also an RC pilot, it might look like I'm a bit obsessed, I wrote a short article about the signs of addiction, and how it clearly doesn't apply to me and my RC flying...


See? Not a single sign applies to me. How did you fare?

Are there any indicators that aren't on the list, that might give you away as an RC addict?


I'm deeply offended you would even imply anyone would have a addiction to RC piloting. I've only been at it for 6 weeks now and can stop anytime I want.
There are two more in the bedroom, and one on the drawing board.




Fly, yes... Land, no
I dont think I am addicted to flying the planes as much as building them. Well, making things in general. Built multiple hotwire power supplies to make them more flexable to use of making custom hand tools. Custom made a suitcase vacuum former to make parts. Building a battery tab welder now. Finished up my adjustable air pump for making custom PCB's for my electronics hobby.

For as long as I can remember I will look at something and go "that looks cool, cant aford one. wonder if I could make one." Or make on fit my wants.

Now if you will excuse me, I've got a 1985 Mitsubishi Starion ES to work on rebuilding :p


A sure sign of rc addiction is when you start confusing your other hobbies with airplanes. For instance, if you find your bike in a tree, you definitely have a serious issue. Bikes can't fly, Monkey. Bikes can not fly.



Build another!
So here I am, continuing my 'catch-up' of FT video and articles and I come across this. I believe it requires re-visiting. Hi, my screen name is kacknor and I'm an RC addict!

For me it is when I realize my fingers are frozen after flying in -10 temps...brrrr.

But..the wind was perfect and the Bushwacker is maidened lol :)


Build another!
For me it is when I realize my fingers are frozen after flying in -10 temps...brrrr.

But..the wind was perfect and the Bushwacker is maidened lol :)
Today, as I rainy-day bored built a flat wing 3D wannabe to play with till destruction and hand rubbed a coat of Min-Wax on it so it will last just a bit longer in the wet grass.

And yes, I understand cold fingers.

If you're married, your wife will let you know. If not, RC addiction could be why. Actually, I don't think there's any such thing as RC addiction. It's a conspiracy man.