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Whats with the manufacturers?


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I have been recently looking at the 3D capable foamie models that i can possibly get one some day , but i noticed something. No manufactures sells RTF kits. I looked everywhere and i couldn't find one single EPP Indoor/Outdoor 3D Airplane. I found a few cheap chinese outdoor "acrobatic" planes but no full on 3D foamies. I checked eflite, dynam, horizon, hobby zone, hobby king, etc. etc. No one on the world wide web, that i can find, sells the RTF kit. :(
I mean i kind of understand why, because most of the people getting into 3D are already RC vets and they already have what they need to get their ARF or BNF to get in the air. But what about the Novice pilots who don't own much equipment or parts to get the planes flying. They have to buy a lot more equipment at one moment to fly 3D.
Maybe there is more of a reason that i just said that i don't know about, but i really think that they should sell RTF kits because it would attract more people to this area of the hobby.
Tell me what you guys think about this. I mean i may just be blowing a bunch of hot air :rolleyes:, but i just would like to know anymore reasons why they don't sell RTF.:confused:

p.s. I know some of you will say that buying the rest of the equipment is the smart thing to do. :rolleyes:
Some of us would do that, but then there is also the people who are students who don't have a car yet and are also saving up to get their pilots license ;)
RTF has been known to be less painful to the wallet :rolleyes:


I'm guessing the reason that you don't find RTF 3d planes has to do with the quality of the RTF radios and, as you said, those flying 3d already have a solid radio. If you are seriously considering a 3d airplane, make an investment in a decent, programmable radio first. There are some very good, very affordable radios on the market.
My opinion is the manufacturers know that how they chose to set up their plane, most buyers would opt a different configuration and request ARF kits to keep the cost down.


Dedicated foam bender
Another reason is probably that a true 3D airframe is NOT what you need to learn on, not even close. Since most RTF's are catered to the beginner pilot, you begin to see why you don't see 3D RTF's. Beginners tend to be heavy handed when it comes to stick throw and if you mix that with extreme throws of a 3D airframe...Bad juju, Bwanna!


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I absolutely agree. You don't want to learn to fly using a 3D plane - they are totally unsuitable for a beginner. They are very manoueverable and quick to respond to control inputs, which is a good thing for 3D pilots but very bad for ham-fisted novices.

RTF kits are almost always trainer-style aircraft - they're designed as a complete kit to get people with no experience and no equipment into the hobby. Beginner planes need lots of dihedral for self levelling, a relatively large wingspan for slow flight and gentle stall characteristics, and preferably a rear- or mid-mount motor to reduce damage in crashes. Pretty much all of these things would be terrible in a 3D plane.

A 3D plane is definitely a "2nd plane" - something you start flying only once you've mastered the basics of flight control with a much more forgiving aircraft.