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Wheels for longer grass and new plane help


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Hi all,

Just a quick introduction of myself as I'm a newbie member (feel free to skip and go onto next paragraph). I'm from Australia and have had a couple of years flying experience with glow engine trainers and sport airplanes, that was a few years ago. I've recently started flying again and teaching my father with the Bixler 2. I've decided to get myself a new 3D style electric airplane. The reason for posting is I'm new to electric power and looking for advice:

1: Where I'm flying the grass is a little uneven and around 2inch long, so I'm thinking of leaving the wheel cowlings off and slap some large 3-4" wheels on. Does anyone have advice or recommendations on this move?

2: I haven't even decided on a model yet, I want something around 50 to 55" span, due to vehicle limitations I can't take a fuselage or wingspan (if the wings don't split) longer than 55".

I've had a look at:
Hobbyking Katana 50ep
Edge 540 3D Electric
There is also this plug n fly Extra 330 that looks attractive, my only concern is the supplied electronics could be 'cheap n nasty'.

I'm not restricted to just Hobbyking, happy to shop anywhere reputable with easy shipping to Australia. I already have a 6ch transmitter/receiver and lipo charger. My total budget is roughly $450 to $500 all up. Any input would be great, I'm lacking in knowledge when it comes to choosing electric motors and ESC's etc - I've only owned nitro.

I would like to slowly learn some basic 3D as I'm somewhat competent with inverted/rolls/loops and other sport style flying.

Edit: These 3.75" rubber wheels is what I'm looking at for the longer grass. Would they be ok on a 55" Edge/Extra/Yak type model?

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What kind of TX do you have.
Perhaps take a look at the PZ Vision Aire?
It will take some uneven grass with ease.


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Hi, I have a Futaba T6EX. The Vision Aire looks fun, it appears I'd have to get a Spektrum module for my radio though? Not sure how about it, I want to start trying some 3D but this model looks like it's cheating a little :)

Time to start looking at how to /how much it will be to get a spektrum module for my radio.


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Equally important to the size of the wheels is the angle of the landing gear and strength of the material. They must be angled forward, and tough enough to handle grass landings. My 55 inch PC6 has 3/4 inch wheels that work great in 3'ish inch grass but my 42 inch Extra has 2 1/2 inch wheel that perform poorly because of the bad gear angle.


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Thanks aiidanwings for the hint on landing gear angle.

Zev, the wings on both those models come apart, if the wings come apart then my only concern is fuselage length, maximum of around 1400mm or 55", the extra 330 is probably too long. I drive a Toyota Aurion, alright car except the back seats DO NOT fold forward to provide extra boot space :(


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Although more expensive, I've heard a few good things about Precision Aerobatics. Now thinking of getting something like this, it's a bit smaller than the hobbyking models I'm looking at, but I'm sure it will be excellent (with some bigger wheels added). $410 plus shipping and plus servos so it will be right on my top limit for my budget. Not sure if I should spend the little extra to get something as good as a precision aerobatics model.


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I fly a PA Mini Katana sans spats and can land quite happily in the grass with the stock wheels.


For 'beginning 3D' in that sort of bracket you might want a PA Addiction or Electric Shock.

Or possibly a better option might be to get a cheapo foamy and learn with that one, and buy the PA or 3DHS plane later.


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After reading up on PA I'm pretty hooked. I've looked and priced up on the Extra 260, Extra MX, Bandit and Katana MX.

Both the Addiction and Electric Shock whilst looking great are both kinda small. I like watching larger birds fly and the smallest model I've ever flown recently is 1300mm wingspan. I'm looking at the Bandit and Extra MX.

What are your experiences with their electronics? I'm looking at getting a PA model in a package/combo with their Thrust motor and Quantum ESC. How about batteries, I'm thinking of just using an equivalent Turnigy pack instead of their PA branded packs that cost around $50.

Obviously the PA models I'm interested in cost a bit more, I might wait a little longer and raise the budget to $600ish.

$590 will get me a PA Bandit Drive pack, their 2.17" CF spinner, 14x7 wooden prop, x4 hitec 65MG servos and 2 Turnigy 3S 2200mAh. I think that's about everything needed? Would love to look into the Extra MX or Katana MX but their total costs blow out to be about $780 to be flight ready.

I was looking at 3DHS but their international shipping using a 3rd party company sounds cumbersome/expensive. Still if they offer a comparative model to PA for less total cost it would be worth it.
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Have never used PA electronics, rather the 'quality' HK stuff. My Katana runs digital ino-lab servos.

RE 3DHS, I'm no 3D expert but I understand that the general consensus is that it is the best. When I got my Katana I looked at 3DHS and also found the import costs comparatively prohibitive.

110% happy with my Katana though. Fave fixed wing of the fleet.


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Ok, I think I've reached a decision, will order in a couple of days, if anyone has any last input please let me know. I'd rather buy right buy once :)

Precision Aerobatics Bandit iPA Drive combo $379.95 (includes below 4 items)
PA Bandit ARF
PA Thrust 40 outrunner
PA Quantum 45A pro ESC with SBEC
PA CNC machined prop adapter (they go on raving about the quality of it).

Additional items from PA
PA 2.17" carbon fiber spinner to suit Bandit $28.95
VOX 14x7 Electric wooden prop $9.95
PA carbon fiber servo arms to suit Bandit linkage and control throw $9.95

Hobby King order
x4 Hitec 65MG $125 from HK international including shipping
ZIPPY Flightmax 2200mAh 3S1P 20C $11.49ea (will get 3 or 4)
Scale alloy hub rubber wheel 3.25inch x2 $8.30 (A bit ugly but will allow take off on bad terrain/grass)

Total: $573.59 excluding batteries and shipping on the PA gear.

Reason for choosing the Bandit from PA is that from some research PA seem to have a solid following with a product often classed as high quality. The Bandit to me, just looks darn sexy and is slightly bigger than the Extra 260 (I like bigger). The cost difference between the PA Bandit and Extra isn't much, the Extra MX and Katana MX cost too much. I had a look at the Addiction X and the only reason I didn't pick it is I don't like the look of it compared to a Bandit/Extra etc.

The above total price accounts for everything I will need (except for some shipping charges and a few build materials like epoxy or CA). It is a little more than I wanted to spend, but by all reports it should be worth it :)

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Sounds like a great package. Please remember to post pictures and videos. I love the PA product line. When I was going to get a bigger 3D plane before I got into helis, I was torn between the PA addiction X and the Eflite Erattix. I really like the look of the PA planes.


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I would go for a much higher C-rate on the battery.
And a couple alternative propellers from HK just in case of..........


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Thanks guys, I will definitely take some pics/video (armature photographer here), I will also take some pics of the package as it arrives and some of the build process - that's one thing lacking around the internets, I couldn't find any PA build videos/photos.

Your right I'll get higher C batteries, only reason I first picked 20C is because that's what PA own brand batteries are. I might get a slightly smaller prop and a 4S battery and when I feel comfortable I'll try the 4S setup on the Bandit - from a few videos and comments the 4S setup is insane and allows for some crazy speeds and vertical climb.

I'm ordering the PA gear today, because I found this post from a PA staff member giving 10% off this weekend.


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For 3Ding I would have suggested the Addy... but it can be as much about looks as it is about flying, so buy what you wish!



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Thank you, it's not purely for hardcore 3D, I enjoy flying in fast smooth precision (like pattern flying) as well, like nice slow rolls knife edge stall turns etc. I've never really flown 3D before.

My order is placed! Shipping from PA was just $30, the 10% discount they have on this weekend saved me $47.50. Placed my hobbyking order aswell for the 65MG servos, bigger wheels, turnigy 3s 2200mah 35C, some glue etc etc.

Now I play the waiting game (only downside to online ordering)...


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It arrived! it's built! It had it's maiden!

Some thoughts on the model:
1: Best quality model I've owned, the structure and framework is brilliant. All up flying weight with battery is 1.2Kg, not bad for a 50inch wingspan!

2: It's ARF, but is probably the longest build time ARF I've built. A few pieces need sanding and delicate work to fit nicely, take your time and you will be rewarded with a great looking/quality model. Set aside a full weekend ~ 12-15 hours build time.

3: Control linkages are NOT adjustable, control rods are carbon fiber and get epoxied into the clevis and ball joint. Be very careful to get a good 90o right angle on the servo arm. Only minimal sub trim is needed, Hitec HS65MG are perfect, I heard very bad reports on the PA brand Voltec servos (jitter and poor centering).

Here are some static pictures of it inside. I'd love to fly again but it's way windy this weekend. I only had 1 short flight so far.

IMG_7720.jpg IMG_7722.jpg IMG_7726.jpg IMG_7729.jpg IMG_7732.jpg