When FT210 Attacks


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I was struggling with an unknown issue at the time, the issue turned out to be motor vibrations transferring through the frame into my LUX flight controller. However at the time I couldn’t figure out why I was experiencing this erratic behavior and assumed it was a tuning error. After becoming frustrated I started to try tuning changes and then hovering inside to see if my changes were helping, mistake one. I wasn’t getting anywhere and the multi rotor was becoming more and more unruly but I kept at it. Then disaster struck, I set the quad on the floor wheeled my chair back to what I thought was a safe distance and hit the arm switch. As soon as I flipped it i knew mistakes had been made, the quad launched upwards right towards me, I attempted to disarm but my reflex time was not fast enough to tame the fast approaching extremely upset FT210. The rear left prop struck my transmitter first shearing off my antenna and all the transmitting bits and throwing them across the room. Now my quad was no longer being commanded what to do and proceeded to leave the reservation. It continued to flip over my transmitter cutting off a dipswitch and baring itself into my left thumb. At this point the quad had satisfied its need for blood and fell to the ground as its battery ejected into the abyss. For a second I just sat there infuriated at the betrayal I had experienced from the quad I had created, until I noticed my thumb was now hurting and pouring blood all over my damaged transmitter.
In the end I was able to find all the pieces that had been scattered around my room and get my transmitter fixed. Additionally with the help of research and the flight test community I was able to figure out my problem was vibration and solve the issue. However moral of the story is these mini quads while small and light can become airborne chainsaws faster than you think. If you ever get to a point where frustration is starting to cloud your judgment then it’s time to step away and come back later. Additionally, if attempting to trouble shoot inside without much room for error remove them props. No stiches were needed but I had a deep cut to the tip of my thumb and lost a large portion of my thumbnail and the pain lasted about two weeks.


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At least you are ok. Getting the issue solved is also a plus.

I still would have loved to see all that on video. I can imagine the change in facial expressions went from one extreme to another to another. Like I said in one of my older posts.. Dal (insert any brand) props - spinning vegomatic of dethz.