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Where do you get your substitute for Dollar Tree Foam Board?

Ross foam board

Yep. This is Ross brand foam board. I mostly use it for my builds. I think it is a little heavier. There have been several articles and posts on the differences between Ross and Adams. I just prefer the Ross myself.
Awesome, we got a Super Walmart here in Western Kansas, will check for it.


Knower of useless information
I do realize lots of folks like flat foam board, so if you have a Walmart handy, keep in mind you can buy online and have it shipped to the store for free (normally) and pick it up after arrival. Lots of store do this also, including the Dollar Tree store.
Just an FYI, though - if you are buying the foamboard from Dollar Tree online, you have to buy it by the case, which is 25 sheets, at $25/box. I don't think that's unreasonable...
I was recently on a business trip to Houston TX. I dropped into the Fry's electronics in Webster. They sell colored foam board. It isn't Adams, I can't remember the brand but it seemed light weight like Adams. Unfortunately I had no way to bring it home. :(