Which FT Plane is the Most Fun?

I fly the Spitfire the most, it's easy to break down and throw in the car. I have it over-propped to handle the wind that is frequent here and it's a crowd pleaser.

But the Guinea Pig still puts a big stupid grin on my face. Something about the big twin that makes it my favorite.

Which one do you come back to after you've tried the others?


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Bloody baron. Haven’t flown mine in a while, but it can carry a load of gliders, bombs etc. Also an edge for aerobatics, @nerdnic sonic series for speed (not ft, but close enough). Bloody baron has got the most fun.


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Whatever I have in the air at the moment, but the build I have made the most of is the mini corsair. Not an everyday flier, but I do love the looks of that plane.


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I'm loving the FT Goblin - huge speed range, doesn't tip stall, in fact it just sort of mushes down and yet you can still control it. Not too difficult to build.


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My go-to was always the mini arrow. It's what I learned the most on, does surprisingly well in wind, and small/easy to transport and fix. Lol But here lately all I want to fly is my 125% Spitfire. Bigger is better!!


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I will go against the majority here and chose the plane I have built and flown most and taught others to fly and that is the Tiny Trainer.

It is so configurable that you can arrive at a field with a pile of components and quickly build a plane you can fly in the prevailing conditions.

Here is a link to some of the different things you can do with a Tiny Trainer BUT the list is no where near complete and the developments have definitely not ended. https://forum.flitetest.com/index.php?threads/ft-tiny-trainer-mighty-mini.17059/page-6
Sure we all eventually tend to retire our TT and move on to more elaborate builds with greater performance but that still does not detract from the pure enjoyment of hacking into your TT and making your own version!

Some of us are not able to build hundreds of planes and outfit them all with the required electrics and I do not discard any assembly I have purchased until it is irreparably damaged.

I have many planes in my hangar of many sizes and construction materials but it seems I always have a TT to hand ready to try out my latest aerodynamic ideas or research projects. For its performance, resilience, serviceability, simplicity, cost, and its ability to be made into almost any possibly configuration in a very short time I will say that the TT is my favorite!

Have fun!
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versa is great once you get CG right... and it doesn't mind hard crashes...

but as a whole I like the blood brit (barons brother) with the 4th channel... bank n yank like the versa but a rudder adds some fun and its easier to launch thanks to the tractor setup... and still pretty small... but the versa does store away in a smaller area thanks to no vertical stab...

I'm really looking forward to the goblin setup for FPV... but haven't gotten there yet.


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Seaduck hands down. It's not the normal 3D plane I would fly, not even a pitts model 12 like half my hangar. But when I looked out and saw it was +3C with no wind today, the seaduck was the only plane I loaded.
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my vote is for the arrow. simple build, tough as nails, can whack it in half, glue back together and still fly. its fast, very agile, and just makes me smile when i fly it. i will be building another soon (prob my 7th?) and adding FPV and can't wait.

just my $.02,

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I loved flying the arrow, but had a few problems which included not having any airflow to the already overworked 12amp esc with the f-pack, and barely having enough space in the pod. If I build another I’ll do the mod where the esc goes on top of the pod.
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Not sure what happened with my last post:unsure:. It quoted @mrjdstewart twice, then when I edited the post it put my typing into the quote. So to see my post you have to scroll down in the quote.

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ya, you cant fly on an F-pack and a 12A in the arrow. you get about 1 lap and it's overheated. if you use the 1806 it works fine but you really sacrifice some speed. my next arrow will be FPV with an 2206-2700kv, 30A esc, a 5x4x3 prop, and 4S hopefully. have everything cut out and 3D printed, just haven't made it to it yet. promises to be fun though... :devilish:


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